How To Feel Great In Your Yoga Outfit? [Confidence Boosting Tips]

When it comes to yoga, it is easy to start feeling less than confident whilst you do the downward dog in your fitted pants and crop top.

How To Feel Great In Your Yoga Outfit? [Confidence Boosting Tips]

Whilst that is a pretty normal feeling to have (oh, hey!) it does not have to stop you from practicing yoga.

Yoga is all about focusing on ourselves, and seeking clarity within the movements we make every single day.

Not only that, it can help us to build inner and outer strength, and improve our wellbeing.

Whilst yoga itself can boost our confidence, sometimes you just need the confidence in the first place to put on those cycling shorts for hot yoga, and to feel liberated and comfortable whilst striking a pose.

In this article we shall take a look at several tips to boost your own confidence so you can feel more than great in your yoga outfit.

Invest In Staying Healthy

It is a fact: we all have different body shapes and body sizes, and that is okay.

Whilst we can’t all have a tiny waist like a well positioned and photographed yoga influencer, we can feel good about ourselves no matter what.

Taking the time to eat well and drink plenty of water might not help us to lose the pounds, but it will make us feel much better.

You will notice that you become happier and feel less bloated once you introduce a balanced diet into your everyday eating habits. 

This does not mean going on a full blown diet either, it is about eating different colored veggies each day, and getting plenty of protein and key nutrients. 

You will be surprised how much a good diet plays a key role in feeling better, and having brighter skin to boot. 

Progress Is A Journey

If you are not feeling so confident when it comes to yoga poses, and think that you look silly, just remember that yoga itself is not a competition.

It is all about personal development and improving over time.

When it comes to a difficult yoga pose, there should be no goal to reach it.

The point of being on the mat is to do your best, feel calm and to enjoy the experience. Nobody around you should be thinking otherwise.

Yoga is a personal experience, and once you realize that, your confidence will go up as you care less about what other people think of you – they will be just the same!

Stop Being Horrible To Yourself

How To Feel Great In Your Yoga Outfit? [Confidence Boosting Tips]

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you say about your body?

It is not uncommon for us to be really harsh and critical about our own body, yet really positive about a friend’s body, because we know she looks amazing.

Well guess what? You look great too. If you spend the time being nice to yourself and thinking the same way you do about your friend’s body, you might feel more positive about yourself. 

We tend to focus on what we think are our own flaws, yet do not realize that others probably don’t even notice them!

Wear The Clothes You Like

It is easy to follow yoga influencers and trends and copy what they are wearing, but if it does not suit your body shape, or if you do not feel comfortable, then you are not going to feel good about yourself.

For example, if cycling shorts make you look a little square, first of all, who cares, but secondly, it probably will not make you feel good about yourself.

Instead, option for high waisted yoga pants and revel in how comfortable they are.

Speaking of feeling comfortable, yoga does not mean that you have to show off all of your skin.

Even though the media and the advertising campaigns might show women in small bralettes, it does not mean you have to feel the pressure at yoga practice because others around you are wearing them without a tank top.

Instead, you do you. If you want to wear a fitted high neck vest, go for it.

If you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, then you will feel super awesome – and hey, if that means just wearing a bralette, again, go for it. 

Rethink Those Flaws

It is true, we all think that we have flaws. Some of us dwell on these supposed flaws, whilst others think about it and then move on.

The latter is the way we wish we all were, but we know it is not as simple as forgetting about those ‘flaws’ and moving on.

If you think you have a flaw, such as you prefer to cover up because you hate the look of your arms, or you are embarrassed by stretch marks on your legs, then the first thing to do is to identify what the issue is. 

These problems can have a major impact on our self-esteem, so addressing them and understanding why they affect you is a good way of dealing with it. 

Obviously, there are times when no solution can be made – those stretch marks are likely to be there for the rest of your life, but why do they bother you so much?

If you are thinking about taking drastic measures to change these ‘flaws’ that you think you have, such as having a medical treatment, always make sure you research everything first.

Also, never ever feel pressured into changing something about yourself.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to embrace those ‘flaws’, because they are what make you unique!

Final Thoughts

When you feel good about yourself, you also feel great when it comes to what you are wearing, and the yoga you are practicing.

Over time, you can build up confidence using yoga, but sometimes you just need that extra confidence to get out there and do it in the first place.

Wearing form fitting clothes can be a real confidence killer, but with the right attitude, your yoga outfit will be killing the room. Hashtag OOTD, anyone?

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