Best Mens Yoga Shorts

Heading to your first yoga class? Finding the best yoga shorts to wear isn’t just about style; it’s about performance and comfort!

Yoga involves a ton of poses and stretches that require comfortable clothes that fit well without restricting movement. It can also get pretty hot and sweaty (Bikram Yoga, we’re looking at you)!

But which yoga shorts should you buy? And what are the best yoga shorts for men?

You’ll be glad to know that most men’s training shorts designed for sports will be good for yoga - as long as the shorts are breathable, lightweight, and unrestrictive when it comes to movement.

So, you don’t really need to specifically look for shorts that are labelled with “designed for yoga”.

To help you out, though, this article rounds up the best men’s yoga shorts that you can buy today, complete with a short and sweet buyer’s guide.


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First up, YOGA CROW Men’s Swerve Yoga Shorts.

These shorts were rated as the best yoga shorts for men by New York Magazine, so you know you’re on the right track here.

They’re breathable, moisture-wicking, stretchable, and pretty damn stylish.

In other words, the Yoga Crow Men’s Yoga Shorts check off all the right boxes.

A bonus is that these nylon-and-polyester-blended yoga shorts come in a range of no-nonsense colors - nothing too flashy but perfect for turning up at your local yoga studio.


  • Trusted brand - Yoga Crow designs top-quality yoga shorts made for men!
  • Breathable - like wearing nothing at all
  • Moisture-wicking - absorbs and hides sweat
  • Elastic waist - easy fit
  • Stylish design - nothing too flashy with a nice choice of toned-down colors


  • Price - simply expect to pay a little extra for these branded yoga shorts

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On a tight budget? We feel you. But Amazon Essentials is here to save the day.

These yoga shorts are made from 90% polyester, so expect them to be super stretchable, lightweight, and breathable. 

Oh, and moisture-wicking for those sweaty hot yoga sessions.

You get a choice of four simple colors with these men’s yoga shorts, plus sizes ranging from extra small to extra extra large.

Did we mention how cheap they are? Yep, these yoga shorts won’t put a dent in your budget.


  • Cheap - perfect for the budget-conscious yogi
  • Lightweight and stretchable - get into peacock pose and pancake pose with ease
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking - ideal for getting hot and sweaty
  • Side and back pockets - if you’ve nowhere else to store your car keys, the ample pockets offer a last resort


  • Quality - they’re super cheap and made by Amazon, so quality and lifespan are up for debate


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Yoga, running, cycling, basketball, weightlifting? You just can't go wrong with Nike shorts.

This world leader in sports attire delivers quality and performance that you can rely on and the Nike Flex Training Shorts are no exception.

Aside from the Nike tick, what we like here is the elastic waistband and breathable, lightweight mesh material.

They’re not too loose, but they’re also not going to put anything on display.

Want yoga shorts that are going to last? These won’t disappoint.


  • Trusted brand - Nike needs no introduction
  • Mesh design - breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking - you name it
  • Inner mesh pocket - a safe place for your house keys
  • Choice of colors - choose from black, gray, blue, and more
  • Elastic - stretchable and easy to slip into


  • Costly - it’s Nike, so these aren’t exactly budget-friendly, unfortunately

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If you’re looking for comfort and affordability, the Men’s Tech Stretch Training Short by Amazon Essentials is an option worth looking at.

It differs from the Amazon pair listed above due to its ultra soft knit fabric that still manages to be moisture-wicking.

Don’t let the images deceive you, though - these yoga shorts are 92% polyester.

They’re even elasticated at the waist and pleasantly loose, making them perfect for warrior pose 2.

We also shouldn’t have to tell you that these men’s yoga shorts are dirt cheap.


  • Cheap - these yoga shorts aren’t going to break the bank
  • Ultra soft - knitted polyester for a softer feel 
  • Elasticated - perfect for stretching and slipping on with ease
  • Range of colors - just choose your fave hue


  • Questionable quality - nice and cheap, but don’t expect long-lasting quality from Amazon Essentials


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Dri-FIT is one of Nike’s leading product lines.

It’s premium fabric technology that takes lightweight breathability up a notch, making these Dry Training Shorts perfect for all yoga styles - no matter whether you’re flexing your flexibility or sweating it up in hot yoga class.

In other words, these high-quality training shorts are worth investing in if you’re more active than the average male.

They boast an elastic waist and drawstring, lightweight mesh pockets, and 100% polyester material for maximum performance.


  • Trusted brand - Nike training shorts are simply unmatched
  • 100% polyester - all-out performance-enhancing design 
  • Dri-FIT - Nike technology that’s cool, breathable, and super lightweight
  • Wide choice of colors - grab these yoga shorts in any color you like
  • Long-lasting - put simply, these shorts will go the distance


  • High price tag - need we say it? Nike Dri-FIT doesn’t come cheap


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Dwayne Johnson endorses Under Armour, so you know their products are good.

But while The Rock might struggle to do uttanasana, these Under Armour Men’s Shorts check off all the right boxes as a pair of yoga shorts that won’t hinder your range of motion.

Like the Nike Dri-FIT shorts listed above, these top-of-the-range training shorts are 100% polyester for that next-level breathability and lightweight feel.

They’re moisture-wicking, too, with an internal drawcord that won’t hang in the way in downward dog pose.


  • Trusted brand - invest in the best with Under Armour
  • 100% polyester - stretchable, lightweight material that’s perfect for yoga 
  • Internal drawcord - no dangling drawstrings while doing headstands
  • Moisture-wicking - makes sweat patches a thing of the past
  • Wide choice of colors - turn up to yoga class in pink, teal, yellow, or plain black


  • Not cheap - these are expensive yoga shorts, but it’s a small price to pay for quality that will last

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The Adidas Tastigo 19 Shorts are loose and breathable but not risky in the visibility department.

They’re made from moisture-absorbing polyester (100%) as a bonus, with an elastic waist and drawcord that's perfect for those upside-down inversion poses.

What we especially like about the Adidas Men’s Tastigo Shorts—aside from the classic three-stripe design, of course—is the fact that these shorts are made from recycled content.

Want to do your part for the planet? These men’s yoga shorts are the ticket.


  • Sustainably made - eco-friendly yoga shorts made from recycled content 
  • Trusted brand - Adidas is a world leader in all things sports 
  • Easy fit - elasticated waist with adjustable drawcord
  • Moisture-wicking - absorbs and hides sweat
  • Affordable - despite the brand tag, these yoga shorts are super affordable!


  • None!

Also Available To Purchase At:


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Liked the look of the Under Armour men’s shorts listed above, but winced at the price tag?

The Under Armour Men’s Raid 2.0 Shorts are a decent alternative that cuts down on the cost without sacrificing quality, featuring 4-way construction that’s lightweight yet soft.

These yoga shorts are 90% polyester, which makes them cheaper, but that’s nothing to frown at when you’re getting moisture-wicking elastic material, mesh ventilation, and an internal drawcord that won’t flap about when you’re doing arm-balancing yoga poses.


  • Trusted brand - Under Armour is recognized for quality worldwide
  • Mid-range price - for an Under Armour product, the price is hard to argue with
  • Superior construction - lightweight, elastic, breathable, and durable
  • Long-lasting - expect these shorts to last a lifetime
  • Choice of colors - pick the color that best matches your vibe


  • None!

Also Available To Purchase At:


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If you’re new to yoga, you might not know that Gaiam is one of the most well-known brands in the yoga industry.

Well, they are, so their men’s yoga shorts range is worth checking out. What’s great is that these shorts aren’t too expensive, either!

You get lightweight comfort, moisture-wicking breathability, and a range of colors to choose from with these shorts - all in camo.

And if you’re serious about yoga, Gaiam is, simply put, a go-to yoga brand.

So, these shorts will also probably bag you a few compliments.


  • Trusted brand - Gaiam is known for high-quality yoga garms and props
  • Unique designs - camo styling with an awesome choice of colors
  • 90% polyester - fabric that’s breathable, lightweight, and moisture-absorbent
  • Affordable - despite the brand name, these yoga shorts are easily affordable
  • Elastic with drawstring waist - yoga shorts that won’t fall down… or creep up


  • Camo - it’s subtle but, hey, camo isn’t for everyone

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If the name doesn’t give it away, Prana is a US-based brand that designs premium yoga attire.

Their Men’s Vaha Yoga Shorts are well worth looking at, for that reason, made from 53% hemp, 44% polyester, and 3% elastane for the comfort and breathability you need.

We like the choice of earthy colors these yoga shorts come in, along with the elastic black waistband that adds a nice touch to the design.

They’re easy to fit, as a result, yet comfortably loose at the knees for increased mobility.


  • Recognized brand - prAna is a name associated with high-quality yoga attire
  • Stylish - comes in cool earthy colors complemented by a black waistband
  • Elastic fit - just pull them up and go
  • Affordable - grab these yoga shorts for a price that won’t set you back financially


  • Lack stretchability - unfortunately, the materials used for these shorts aren’t as stretchable as other options made from high polyester or nylon

Also Available To Purchase At:


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The Adidas Designed 2 Move Primeblue Shorts might look like shorts you’d use for shooting hoops or hitting the waves, but the loose, long fit actually makes them great for yoga - they’re breathable, moisture-absorbing, and super lightweight despite the size.

A bonus here is that these men’s shorts are eco-friendly, made from Primeblue recycled materials.

The Adidas Designed 2 Move shorts offer the classic 3-stripe design, as well, plus a price tag that won’t make your eyes water.


  • Trusted brand - the famous three stripes are synonymous with sports performance
  • Eco-friendly - made from recycled materials that don’t compromise quality
  • Long and loose - perfect for increasing mobility… and airflow
  • Choice of colors - colors for every day of the week
  • Elastic waist - easy fit shorts that won’t slip out of place


  • Long length - the 3/4 look isn’t for everyone, we must admit
  • Material - the textile synthetics these shorts are made from might not be as stretchable as other fabrics!

Best Mens Yoga Shorts Buying Guide

Yoga Shorts Material

Before you buy any pair of yoga shorts, one of the most important—if not most important—factors is the material of the shorts.

This can determine the stretchability, breathability, and weight of the shorts, and even the durability and quality.

Best Mens Yoga Shorts

Like most training shorts designed for sports, polyester and nylon are safe bets for yoga shorts that ensure good mobility, moisture-wicking properties, and a lightweight feel that’s cool and breathable yet durable enough to last several years.

Other fabrics, such as cotton, might be comfortable for yoga shorts but are restrictive when it comes to movement, unfortunately. 

Another downside is the lack of breathability with cotton, which generates heat and shows sweat patches.

Yoga Shorts Fit

Another important factor to consider when choosing the best yoga shorts is the fit of the shorts.

Since yoga involves lots of physically challenging poses, stretches, and transitions, you want yoga shorts that are comfortable and won’t hinder your mobility!

Ideally, yoga shorts should be either loose or tight, with material that is easily stretched.

Safe bets include stretchable loose training shorts or compression shorts that shape to your hips and legs.

For men, training shorts with a compression liner offer a perfect balance of both.

What’s also worth considering is how well the shorts fit on the hips. Due to this, elastic waistbands and/or drawstring closures ensure that the shorts won’t slip up or down.

These also ensure that the shorts are easy to fit, simply expanding to any waist size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Shorts For Yoga?

The best shorts for yoga are shorts that are comfortable, breathable, and not restrictive of movement.

This includes loose training shorts or compression shorts that shape to your body.

Training shorts with inside compression liners are also ideal, especially for men.

Other qualities to look for in yoga shorts are the quality of the material, the brand name, and overall fit.

Yoga shorts material should be lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, which makes polyester, nylon, spandex, and lycra go-to fabrics to aim for.

Brand and fit are just as important when buying yoga shorts, since the brand can also indicate the quality and lifespan of the yoga shorts.

As for fit, the best yoga shorts will not restrict movement or move out of place when performing different yoga poses and stretches.

What Material Should Yoga Shorts Be Made From?

Shorts used for yoga should ideally be made from light, elastic, breathable materials.

As a result, polyester and nylon are great fabric choices for yoga shorts, as well as spandex and lycra, which are known for providing maximum elasticity and stretchability.

It’s not uncommon to find yoga shorts that are made from a combination of these materials, such as 90% polyester and 10% lycra.

These types of shorts are typically cheaper but still great for yoga, since the materials are stretchable, light, and breathable.

Another bonus of polyester and nylon yoga shorts is that the fabrics offer moisture-absorbing properties.

This pulls sweat from the body, cools down body temperature, and hides sweat patches - something that’s a common issue with clothes made from cotton.

Can Men Do Yoga In Shorts?

Absolutely! In fact, shorts are ideal for yoga since they can increase mobility, cool body temperature, and improve performance due to their lightweight feel.

Despite that, it’s still important for men to wear yoga shorts that aren’t revealing in any way.

Due to this, training shorts that aren’t too baggy at the knees, or shorts that offer an inner compression liner, are ideal for men doing yoga.

These types of shorts are comfortable yet unrestrictive. They’re also breathable, providing cooling properties that reduce sweat.

Yoga shorts aside, it’s also possible for men to do yoga in sweatpants.

But just like shorts, yoga sweatpants should be stretchable and breathable to ensure good mobility and reduced sweat.

In most cases, tight compression-style sweatpants are the best option for yoga.

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