How To Stretch Your Groin

Once your groin muscles begin to tighten up, your mobility will be reduced as the discomfort increases. Just climbing the stairs or going for a brisk walk can feel painful.

How To Stretch Your Groin

The groin muscles are essential for hip flexibility and that can be for strenuous exercise or the simple movements you do every single day.

Certain yoga poses can introduce some flexibility back into your groin to relax those muscles and get you moving painlessly again.

In this guide, we will look at how to stretch your groin muscles, the yoga poses you can do which can help, and why it’s important.

How To Stretch Your Groin

Before you even begin your yoga practice, simply sit cross-legged on the mat. That one pose can help indicate how tight your groin muscles are and you should be able to comfortably sit up straight.

The Sukhasana does require poise, but also some flexibility in your groin, hamstrings, hip joints, and inner thighs. If the muscles are tight then it could force your pelvis back and cause your lower back to round.

Should the groin muscles be tight, you will want to stretch them out with some dynamic stretches.

Start with a Leg Swing where your feet are apart and you lift one foot from the ground while keeping your weight on the heel of your standing foot.

Swing your outstretched foot slowly, back, forth and behind you in one movement. Perform the move 20 times on both legs and you can even quicken up the pace to get even more range of motion.

Dynamic stretches are great to get the blood flowing and the connective tissue moving but static stretches can help too.

Try a lunge stretch to improve the movement in your groin by taking a wide stance with both feet turned out around 45 degrees.

Bend your left knee then lunge to the left and you should feel that in your inner thigh, groin, and leg muscles.

Return to the standing position and repeat the move on your other side then repeat three times and try not to bounce.

How To Stretch Your Groin

The Yoga Poses You Can Do To Stretch Your Groin

Aside from stretches that are designed to look out for your hip flexibility and groin muscles, there are yoga poses that can help too.

The High Crescent Lunge

To look out for your groin, glutes, quadriceps, and hip flexors, try The High Crescent Lunge.

Stand up and take a step back with your right foot and stay on the toes while you lower that knee down until the foot is at a 90-degree angle on the mat aligned under the knee.

Pull the right hip forward and pull back your left hip so that your pelvis is square then inhale and raise up your arms.

Hold the pose, extend the right knee then sink down and take five deep breaths before switching sides.

The Wide-Legged Forward Fold

For a standing posture that can help stretch your groin, the Wide-Legged Forward Fold should be simple.

Step your right foot back then turn with your arms on your side and your feet aligned over your feet.

Turn your toes in and, with a flat back, fold forward at your hips and bring your palms to the mat just below your shoulders.

Inhale while extending your spine and then exhale while you fold forward without letting your back round.

Grab both ankles, though you can go with the sides of your feet, and hold the pose for at least 30 seconds up to a minute.

Walk both hands back until they are underneath your shoulders then place them on your hips with your back straight as you revert to standing.

The Squat Pose

For more of a challenge, work your way into the Squat Pose by having your feet hip-width apart.

Squat down without leaning forward with your torso and you may need a yoga block to support your heels.

Open up your thighs then lean the torso forward until you can bring your elbows into your inner knees.

Press both palms together, press your elbows in and your inner knees into the elbows to stretch the groin muscles and hold the pose for a full minute.

The Reclined Bound-Angle Pose

Once you have completed your yoga practice, try the Reclined Bound-Angle Pose as a passive stretch to help you relax.

Place some yoga blocks under your knees and lie on your back with your arms next to your body while you bend your knees, keeping the soles of both feet together.

Allow both knees to drop to the side and adjust your feet until you can comfortably stretch. Hold the pose for around three minutes.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold

Why It Is Important To Stretch Your Groin

If you fail to stretch your groin muscles then that tightness can become worse and result in an injury.

Once that occurs, you may find it difficult to move for a few weeks and strenuous activity is off the table until the muscles recover.

The injury can be very painful and even mean you are forced to remain stationary to aid the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can The Groin Muscles Become Tight?

It is possible to overwork the groin muscles if you perform the same movements over and over again.

The overriding reason for a tight groin is typically a weak gluteus medius and if one muscle is excessively weak, the muscle that does the other action can become too tight.

What Are The Indications Of A Tight Groin?

There can be visual indications of a tight groin including swelling around the inner thigh or simply that the muscles feel weak.

If you feel pain when raising your knee or when you open and close your legs then that can mean that your groin is tight.

Those muscles may feel more warm than usual and you may exhibit limping when mobile.

Final Thoughts

If you feel that your groin muscles are becoming tight, stretch them out until the discomfort ebbs away.

There are certain yoga poses that can help with this including the Reclined Bound-Angle Pose, the Squat Pose, the Wide-Legged Forward Fold, and the High Crescent Lunge.

Tight groin muscles can really restrict your movement so introduce the poses into your yoga workout or just your daily routine.

By stretching your groin muscles, you can ensure greater flexibility for your everyday activities.

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