Best Plus Size Yoga Pant

Attending yoga class doesn’t have to be daunting - not when you’re wearing comfy yoga pants that look the part!

And if you’re on the hunt for the best plus size yoga pants on the market right now, this guide has you covered.

Choosing plus size yoga pants isn’t just about finding yoga pants labeled as plus size.

Material, stretchability, and fit are also important things to consider, which can make buying the right pair (at least a pair that will fit well and last) a harder task than you might think.

But that’s where our full round-up of the 12 best women’s plus size yoga pants is here to help.

Find out why we hand-picked these yoga pants below, followed by a short and sweet buyer’s guide to help you choose!


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First up, Just My Size. This brand offers a range of high-quality plus size clothes and these capri yoga pants are no exception.

They’re made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex, so expect nothing but maximum stretchability for an easy, comfortable fit.

As a bonus, there’s a drawstring closure for extra adjustability, located on the inside so it doesn’t get in the way.

These yoga pants also provide a sleek form-fitting fit and a handful of attractive designs and colors to choose from.


  • Just My Size - a trusted brand for curvy women
  • Stretchable - 88% polyester and 12% spandex makes these yoga pants easy to pull on and move in
  • Affordable - don’t worry about price; these won’t bust your budget
  • Choice of colors and designs - just choose the design that best matches your vibe
  • Moisture-wicking - polyester absorbs moisture and hides sweat patches!


  • None!

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Bootcut is on the return!

These women’s plus size yoga pants are a little different; they offer a unique flared design that won't just make you stand out at yoga class, but provide extra airflow around the legs to keep you cool no matter what yoga pose you’re doing.

What we like about these (aside from the chic bootcut look) is the minimalistic black design that’s accentuated around the hips.

They’re made from 100% nylon, so these plus size yoga pants are also easy to fit, breathable, and moisture-wicking.


  • Chic - stand out in yoga class with flared yoga pants
  • 100% nylon - stretchable, breathable, and moisture-wicking 
  • Sleek black design - sure to look good no matter what you pair these yoga pants with
  • Affordable - priced higher than other options but still more than affordable!


  • Bootcut - not for everyone (hey, we get it)
  • Limited colors - you get a choice of black or gray, unfortunately


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Looking for extra comfortable yoga pants that you can also wear around the house?

We hear you. These plus size yoga pants made by ZERDOCEAN offer exactly that, being loose-fitting, stretchable, and ultra soft to the touch.

Sometimes you just want to do yoga in baggy pants. There’s nothing wrong with that, so these yoga pants are worth buying - even as a spare pair.

The drawstring closure and elastic waistband also provide perks, making these yoga pants about as comfortable as they come.


  • Loose fit - for the casual yogi who wants more comfort and breathability
  • Extra soft - made from premium modal rayon fabric
  • Affordable - perfect for the budget-conscious
  • True to size - just grab your usual size
  • Easy to wear - thanks to an elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring!


  • None!

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Aside from the catchy brand name, these YOHOYOHA plus size yoga pants are worth checking out for their premium design, boasting airhole patterning on the outside legs for increased air flow and a chic, standout look.

The 4-way stretch polyester blend also makes these yoga pants extra stretchable and durable, as well as super form-fitting for those who want maximum mobility.

Surprisingly, the YOHOYOHA plus size yoga pants are also inexpensive!


  • 4-way stretch construction - it doesn’t get stretchier than this
  • Premium design - these polyester blend yoga pants look as good as they feel
  • Side pockets - a last resort if you’ve nowhere else to put your gym card or car keys
  • Affordable - despite the premium look, these yoga pants aren’t expensive!
  • Streamlined fit - high-rise and tummy tucking


  • None!


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Harem pants are great for yoga. Don’t believe us? Try these Fitglam plus size yoga pants, which are as soft and comfortable as they are breathable. 

The extra loose fit will make any yoga flow that much more relaxing, especially if you’re doing, for example, yin yoga or restorative yoga.

Made from 95% rayon fabric and 5% spandex, these plus size yoga pants were designed for comfort more than stretchability.

That’s far from a drawback, however, thanks to the loose-fitting design and elastic waistband that makes them easy to slip on.


  • Extra loose - harem design for a more relaxed yoga experience 
  • Range of colors - simply grab these yoga pants in your favorite color
  • Affordable - perfect if you’re keeping to a budget
  • Skin-friendly - the soft, loose fit makes them ideal for sensitive skin
  • Super comfortable - wear them around the house!


  • Not as versatile - super soft, but probably not the best option for hot yoga


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Here’s another affordable pair of plus size yoga pants from Just My Size that differs from the pair we listed above, made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

These are warm and comfortable, as a result, making them ideal for those winter yoga flows.

These plus size yoga pants are leggings, essentially, but designed with cotton stretchability in mind.

Another thing a lot of yogis will like about these yoga pants is their simplistic design, featuring no pockets and no drawstring for an extra streamlined look.


  • Warm - perfect for cold winter yoga sessions!
  • Affordable - these aren’t going to leave you out of pocket
  • Minimalist design - keep things simple with no pockets and no drawstring
  • Just My Size - a trusted brand for curvy women


  • Cotton - warm and comfortable, sure, but not the best choice if you want breathability and moisture-wicking benefits
  • Limited colors - want something other than black or gray? These yoga pants aren't for you, unfortunately


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Like Just My Size, Uoohal designs clothes with curvy women in mind.

Due to that, these plus size yoga pants are not going to disappoint, offering premium 87% nylon and 13% spandex material, plus a full range of toned-down colors to choose from in full length and 3/4 length options.

These plus size yoga pants are extra form-fitting yet lightweight and breathable.

The stretchable material and elastic waistband makes it easy to put these on, with a streamlined fit for those who want yoga pants that are curve-contouring!


  • Uoohal - branded clothes that are designed for curves
  • Lightweight and breathable - thanks to the 87% nylon and 13% spandex material
  • Form-fitting - contours to curves and makes yoga poses easier
  • Moisture-wicking - plus size yoga pants that’ll make sweat patches a thing of the past
  • Range of colors - grab colors for every day of the week


  • None!


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Some people just prefer the 3/4 look. If that’s you, these women’s plus size capri yoga pants by Stretch is Comfort might just be your next favorite pair.

They’re warm and stretchable due to 95% cotton and 5% spandex material, with a foldover waistband for an adjustable fit.

The 3/4 design isn’t just a fashion statement, however.

These yoga capris are cooler to wear thanks to the shorter inseams, which can also make yoga sessions more comfortable in general. 

As a bonus, these plus size yoga pants come in a variety of colors and patterns.


  • 3/4 length - a cool feel and a cool look 
  • Warm - 95% cotton for those colder seasons
  • Range of colors - choose from a variety of colors and patterns
  • Stretch is Comfort - a trusted clothes brand


  • Warm - a benefit of these yoga pants is also a con: they’re not the best choice for hot yoga… or those who easily sweat


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Here’s another pair of plus size yoga pants from Stretch Is Comfort, this time offering a loose, relaxed fit with a unique bootcut design.

As a result, these are an ideal choice for those who shy away from form-fitting yoga pants without wanting to sacrifice stretchability and breathability.

Overall, these plus size yoga pants are about as freeform as it gets, save for the elastic waistband.

The bootcut design provides a relaxed look and cooler feel, making them more breathable than some of the other cotton yoga pants on this list.


  • Stretch is Comfort - a trusted clothes brand
  • Choice of colors - choose from colored and patterned waistbands
  • Super comfortable - made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex
  • Bootcut - loose at the ankles for a cooler feel
  • Affordable - easily fits in the budget


  • Loose fit - loose from the hips to the ankles, these yoga pants offer comfort at the expense of style


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These MOREFEEL plus size leggings offer 4-way stretchability, a tummy-tucking compression waistband, and moisture-wicking properties thanks to the polyester fabric.

These are form-fitting and streamlining, sure to boost your confidence whenever you head off to the studio.

Combining 92% polyester and 8% spandex, the MOREFEEL plus size leggings are perfect to wear as yoga pants, being both lightweight and breathable.

A big bonus here is that these come in a two pack!


  • 4-way stretchability - extra stretchy for those difficult asanas
  • Choice of designs - choose leopard print or camo, if you want
  • Moisture-wicking - thanks to the 92% polyester material
  • Compression waistband - streamlining and tummy tucking
  • 2 pack - two for the affordable price of one!


  • None!


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Here’s another plus size yoga pant from ZERDOCEAN that differs from the other pair we listed due to its 3/4 length design.

It’s also made from cotton and spandex, instead of rayon, making them softer and warmer with an easy-going loose fit.

Honestly, we think these 3/4 yoga pants have style. They’re relaxed yet sporty, with a drawstring waistband and deep side pockets for added functionality.

Overall, they’re perfect for yoga, jogging—even lounging around the house—with a nice choice of colors to boot.


  • Casual - a sporty, relaxed look that’s casually stylish
  • 3/4 length - raised, loose inseams for a cooler feel
  • Choice of colors - pink, royal blue, wine red, and more
  • Affordable - it might be branded, but it’s more than affordable for most
  • Functional - features an adjustable drawcord and deep side pockets


  • Cotton - these plus size yoga pants might not be as stretchable as other options


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Last but not least, these plus size active capri yoga pants from Just My Size are perfect if you prefer 3/4 length yoga pants but want something tighter than the 3/4 options we listed above.

They’re made from 88% polyester (and 12% spandex), which also makes them lightweight and moisture-wicking.

Thanks to the 3/4 length, these plus size yoga pants are easier to slip on with a cooler feel that’s perfect in the summer.

We also like the minimalism of these yoga pants: no drawstring or side pockets for a simple, streamlined design that’s all you need for doing yoga.


  • Just My Size - a trusted brand that designs clothes for curvy women
  • 3/4 length - easy to slip on with a cooler overall feel
  • Lightweight and breathable - thanks to 88% polyester fabric
  • Affordable - ideal if you’re watching your budget
  • Moisture-wicking - draws sweat to help you stay cool


  • Limited colors - aside from black there are other colored designs to choose from, but the patterns are not the most appealing

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Best Plus Size Yoga Pant Buying Guide

Yoga Pants Material

When choosing yoga pants, material is an important—if not the most important—thing to consider.

The fabric the yoga pants are made from can determine several factors, including comfort, stretchability, breathability, moisture absorption, and overall weight.

Needless to say, choosing the right material for your yoga pants is important!

Best Plus Size Yoga Pant

In general, the best yoga pants materials to choose are polyester and nylon.

These are lightweight fabrics that wick moisture and offer maximum stretchability, making them perfect for doing yoga poses and stretches. 

Cotton is another common yoga pants fabric, however it is warmer and less stretchable, despite being ideal for colder seasons.

Yoga Pants Fit

Fit is another important factor to consider when choosing yoga pants, as it will determine how comfortable the yoga pants are, how easy it is to move while wearing them, and, of course, the overall look and feel!

This includes how loose or fitted the yoga pants are, as well as whether the yoga pants are elasticated at the waist and ankles.

In general, the best fits for yoga are either form-fitting yoga pants or loose-fitting yoga pants.

Tight yoga pants allow better mobility—and are generally viewed as a more stylish option—while loose yoga pants are more comfortable and breathable, often better suited to people with sensitive skin. 

Best Plus Size Yoga Pant - FAQ's

Should You Wear Leggings Or Shorts for Yoga?

Whether you should wear pants or shorts for yoga is simply a matter of temperature and season.

You might feel more comfortable wearing yoga shorts when, for example, doing hot yoga, and full-length yoga pants during the colder months of the year.

Despite that, whether you choose to wear yoga pants or yoga shorts is also a matter of preference in regards to fashion.

Both options are ideal for yoga, as long as they offer mobility, comfort, and moisture-wicking fabric that cools the skin.

Should Yoga Pants Be Tight Or Loose?

For women, tight and loose yoga pants are ideal for doing yoga.

Which you choose is ultimately a matter of preference, as both of these options are comfortable to wear, easy to move in, and equally stylish!

Still, it’s worth noting that tight yoga pants can offer greater stretchability, and therefore more mobility when performing yoga poses.

Loose yoga pants, on the other hand, are generally more comfortable, and can be a better option for people with more sensitive skin.

What Should A Beginner Wear To Yoga?

On the whole, beginners attending yoga class for the first time should wear whatever makes them feel comfortable!

As long as the outfit offers good mobility and isn’t too revealing, there’s nothing wrong with turning up to yoga class wearing whatever feels comfortable.

That said, there are clothes that are designed to be ideal for doing yoga.

These include loose or form-fitting yoga pants made from nylon or polyester, which typically offer better stretchability, mobility, and comfort over regular fabric pants and gym shorts.

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