About Us

Yoga is the movement of bringing mental, physical, and spiritual disciplines together to enhance all aspects of your life. It is a slow-moving practice that helps you to become one with your body and mind, easing tension and stress. 

Hi, my name is Angela Frederik and I have been a yoga instructor for seven years. I started practicing yoga in college after I’d fallen into a slump of depression. I wasn’t eating well, I barely got any sun exposure, and I didn’t have a very good social life. 

I couldn’t seem to get myself out of it, until one day my roommate dragged me to my first yoga class. I must admit, while I was there I was thinking about how much time I was wasting while I could have been studying! 

However, after the class was over, I did start to feel a tiny amount of peace wash over me. I was grateful to move my body and let go of my worries for just one hour. I started practicing yoga every day in my tiny dorm. 

The positive effect yoga had on me was indescribable. Every aspect of my life improved, from social to mental, physical to emotional. 

After a year of practicing, I dropped out of college and decided to become an instructor. I filled my days with something that I actually enjoyed rather than something that was tearing me down, and I haven’t looked back since. 

I want my website to help more people get into the world of yoga and teach them how to be present for themselves - even if that’s just for a few minutes a day.