10 Best Yoga Retreats In Costa Rica

Are you in need of spiritual guidance? If so, you may want to attend a yoga retreat, which will allow you to experience the numerous benefits of this practice.

Best Yoga Retreats In Costa Rica

In the presence of experienced tutors, these retreats are the perfect place to develop your yoga skills.

So if you are looking for an amazing yoga retreat in the gorgeous country of Costa Rica, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will help you choose the ideal yoga retreat for you.

1. Danyasa Yoga Retreat

Danyasa Yoga Retreat

Up first, the Danyasa Yoga Retreat is a lovely eco-lodge with exceptional accommodation services. This excellent establishment places a large emphasis on eco-sustainability.

One of the main advantages of this yoga retreat is its location, which is located near rainforest mountains. This provides a scenic setting for your yoga experience.

Danyasa Yoga Retreat is an adult-only environment. Therefore, you can focus on your yoga experience without the distraction of noisy kids. This results in a relaxing environment that is perfect for yoga.

2. Blue Osa Yoga Retreat And Spa

Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa

If you are looking for a yoga retreat surrounded by beautiful environments, the Blue Osa Yoga Retreat is an outstanding option.

It is located near Costa Rica’s impressive jungle landscape. Not to mention, it’s right next to the beach. Consequently, this retreat is a magnificent method of escaping the distractions of daily life.

This spa provides a holistic experience. This is thanks to expert yogis. These yogis teach in a beautiful studio that overlooks the beach and stunning tropical gardens.

3. Sonora Jungle & Yoga Retreat

Sonora Jungle & Yoga Retreat

Found on the gorgeous and peaceful Black Beach, the Sonora Jungle & Yoga Retreat offers an extraordinary environment.

This retreat is held in a beautiful location, featuring modern Italian architecture and everything you will desire during your stay.

This retreat has a bohemian atmosphere that is sure to help you relax and allow you to focus on yoga.

4. Samasati Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Samasati Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Nestled in Costa Rica’s immersive rainforest, this is a wonderful place to get in touch with nature.

What we love most about the Sonora Yoga Retreat is that it provides the whole package.

For instance, you can taste delicious food that has been locally sourced. You can also make use of the sensational spa and get comfortable in the amazing jacuzzi.

Yoga classes are held throughout the day, so take advantage of this assortment of classes.

5. Amatierra


Amatierra is a retreat dedicated to providing a holistic experience for its guests. These yoga classes are designed to help both the mind and body. This venue is especially great for Hatha yoga.

Alongside yoga, Amatierra also focuses on providing wonderful wellness opportunities. This includes herbal medicine and massages.

So if you have been feeling a little stiff after participating in yoga, it may be worth trying out these wellness services.

6. Holis Wellness Center

Holis Wellness Center

Found in the Manuel Antonio area of Costa Rica, Holis Wellness Center is home to tons of different yoga classes.

This includes Hatha, vinyasa, and power flow yoga classes. So if you want to try something new, this is a great opportunity.

Aside from these wonderful yoga classes, Holis Wellness Center offers organic facial, massage therapy, and body treatments. As a result, it’s a complete package for wellness services. This wellness therapy takes an amazing holistic approach.

7. Yoga Mandir

Yoga Mandir

Located in the heart of San Pedro, Yoga Mandir is a phenomenal yoga retreat if you are looking for a bohemian vibe.

Not only is it a great establishment for yoga classes, but you can also receive tremendous Thai massages here.

Open to beginners and experienced yogis alike, Yoga Mandir is suitable for everyone!

Yoga Mandir also contains a convenient store that sells yoga essentials, such as clothing that reflects the philosophy of yoga.

8. Yoga Maya Uvita

Yoga Maya Uvita

Up next, Yoga Maya Uvita is a large retreat with a substantial yoga shala. It’s buried in the scenic town of Uvita, which is known for its beautiful beaches. Therefore, you can go for relaxing beachside walks after your yoga sessions.

This yoga venue is a short walk from the Marino Ballena National Park, specifically the area that has been dubbed Whale’s Tail. As a consequence, you can experience these charming sites alongside these yoga classes.

Be sure to check out the yoga retreat curriculum to find the perfect classes.

9. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

If you need an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort will offer a relaxing and enlightening experience.

These yoga classes are designed to make yogis more confident in their skills. In this wonderful retreat, you can also get involved with salsa dancing, meditation, surfing lessons, and much more! There’s something for everyone here.

The Bodhi tree Yoga Resort also places an emphasis on the importance of healthy eating. Thus, you can indulge yourself with delicious and nutritious meals during your stay.

This resort is found in the heart of the Nosara Jungle, so be sure to take in all of these delightful scenes of natural beauty.

10. AmaSer


Last but not least, AmaSer is dedicated to helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways in which they encourage this lifestyle is through yoga classes.

This retreat is designed to create a tranquil experience thanks to its beachside setting. You can practice yoga as you listen to the calming ocean waves and the sounds of the jungle.

These public yoga classes are open to everyone, no matter their level of experience or fitness.

You may also wish to take advantage of the sensational spa and wellness services on offer at AmaSer. This includes Swedish and Thai massages that are sure to say goodbye to any aches and pains that you’ve got!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a wide assortment of amazing yoga retreats in Costa Rica.

So if you happen to be in the area and believe that you could benefit from spiritual enlightenment and the physical benefits of yoga, why not give one of these retreats a try?!


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