How Long Should You Hold A Yoga Pose?

Yoga is an incredible way to improve your life in a number of ways.

Not only can it help to better your peace of mind, and bring a bit of clarity to tired and weary minds in this anxiety-riddled world, but it can also help us all to achieve better fitness and improved strength!

How Long Should You Hold A Yoga Pose

Part of yoga involves stretching the body in numerous ways, in order to alleviate stress and tension and to return strength to tired muscles.

However, sometimes those poses need to be held in place for a significant amount of time, in order for the full effects to truly be felt.

But some poses seem like they need to be held in place longer than others, so how long should you generally aim to hold an average yoga pose for?

Have you found yourself asking this question? Well, we are here to give you the answers you seek, so without further ado, read on down below to get started!

How Long Should You Hold A Yoga Pose?

This can vary massively depending not only on the pose itself, but also on your competency, and what you are performing yoga for.

On average, the vast majority of yoga poses require you to hold the position for around 30 seconds, which is around 3 full ten-second breath cycles.

Many yoga experts and even beginners can hold for much longer, up to a minute, but on average, you should aim to hold each pose for around 30 seconds.

If you are finding yourself having trouble holding any poses for 30 seconds, make sure not to beat yourself up.

Beginners at yoga will often find themselves having more difficulty starting out, especially as they begin to develop their sense of balance.

When starting out, try to aim to hold poses for around 10 to 15 seconds instead, and once your strength and balance level out, increase the amount of time you aim for!

How long you hold a yoga pose will also depend on the complexity of the pose.

Some more complex yoga poses should only be held for around 10 to 20 seconds, due to the potential strain they could put the body under if done to extremes.

These poses are also often more difficult to hold, which can make them practically impossible for beginners who are still getting used to holding their balance.

What Happens If You Hold A Yoga Pose For Too Long?

It is definitely possible to hold a yoga pose for too long, especially when you are still a beginner.

This is because, when you are still learning the ropes of yoga, you run the risk of overexerting your muscles by holding poses for too long.

This will put you out of commission for some time as you wait for your muscles to heal and relax, which will put a significant dent in your yoga practicing time!

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However, if you were to hold a yoga pose for only a few extra seconds past your usual limit, you can use the poses to develop strength.

This is recommended for yoga practitioners with plenty of existing experience, as they will be less likely to overexert themselves or experience painful strain.

What Should You Do If You Overexert While Doing Yoga?

If you ever suspect that you may have overexerted while pulling off a certain yoga pose, then you will likely notice that you become dizzy, lightheaded, or experience pain or muscle cramps.

If you do find that you have overexerted, make sure to take a break right away. Sit down for some time, and allow yourself to breathe.

Eventually, lightheadedness should subside. However, if you have overexerted your muscles, then it may take longer for them to recover.

If you find that your muscles have been overexerted during yoga, make sure to allow yourself plenty of time away from the activity, so that your muscles can relax.

If you notice that your legs are overexerted, then you will want to make sure to elevate them.

Elevating your legs above the level of your heart allows the veins in your leg to more easily access blood flow, which allows them to more quickly heal.

You may also want to apply some ice, or a compress to your legs if you ever find that you have overexerted the muscles.

This will help to reduce inflammation, which in turn helps to reduce the time needed to heal, so you can get back to yoga quickly.

How Do You Avoid Holding A Yoga Pose Too Long?

In order to ensure you don’t over-exert during yoga, you should make a point of noting how long you can hold each pose to begin, and then ensure that you stick close to that time frame every time.

Say you were able to hold a pose for around ten seconds on average, you should aim not to hold that pose for anything longer than fifteen seconds at a time without taking a break.

Once you are able to hold a pose for more than fifteen seconds without pain, you can then change to pushing yourself to around twenty seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Should I Repeat A Yoga Pose?

You can repeat any yoga pose as many times as you like, provided you take an adequate break between each pose so that your muscles don’t get overexerted.

Is Yoga Enough To Keep You Fit?

Alongside an adequate diet, yoga is definitely able to keep you fit, as it is great for defining muscle and building your strength.

Can Yoga Reduce Tummy?

Definitely. Practicing yoga can be a great way to tone your stomach and reduce belly fat!

To Conclude

There you have it! On average you should aim to hold an average yoga pose for around 30 seconds before allowing your body to relax.

However, if you are new to the pose, or you are new to yoga altogether, you should allow yourself to hold the pose for less time until you are able to develop the strength and balance necessary.

Make sure not to overexert yourself at any point, as this can lead to muscle pain that will prevent you from doing yoga for some time!

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