10 Summer Solstice Vibrant Yoga Flow Moves You’ll Love

Allow yourself to let go and create space by learning some Vibrant Yoga Flow moves.

10 Summer Solstice Vibrant Yoga Flow Moves You'll Love

The spiritual amongst us know that a new moon is an opportune moment to plant those crucial seeds of intention for the forthcoming six months.

To prepare for that opportunity during the Summer Solstice, there are plenty of yoga moves to learn that should help you grasp the energy of the lunar cycle.

In this guide, we will look at when you need to get ready for the Summer Solstice and the yoga moves you should try.

When You Need To Get Ready For The Summer Solstice

You may already know some of these Vibrant Yoga Flow moves yet if you want to get ready for the Summer Solstice then be prepared by around late June.

That’s in the Northern Hemisphere and is marked by the day with the longest daylight and the shortest night of the entire year.

This is due to the Sun being in its highest position and you can expect the Arctic circle to be bathed in sunlight all day long.

The Summer Solstice is also known as ‘midsummer’ when it is known to mark the middle of summer.

Make sure that you pay attention to the moon as you want to look out for a full one to really come home to yourself and let go.

If you want to become bolder in yourself then the Summer Solstice is the time to do it.

This is when you can honor the fertility of the Earth and make yourself fully aware of the Sun’s warmth and the gift of light.  

The Yoga Poses To Bring In The Summer Solstice

If a total of ten yoga poses seems excessive, then simply split them into a sequence. Simply remember to repeat them for the opposite side of your body to keep you balanced.

The 10 Summer Solstice Vibrant Yoga Flow Poses

Mountain Pose
Plank Pose
Sun Salutations
Child’s Pose
Warrior I Halfway Fold
Chair Twists
Standing Forward Fold
Upward Facing Dog
Downward Facing Dog
Low Lunge

1. Mountain Pose

The Tadasana is an ideal yoga pose to ease you into a Summer Solstice.

Stand up straight and ensure that your big toes are touching while you lift them up, fan them out, and then drop them down for a solid base.

With your feet and calves feeling rooted, engage your quadriceps by drawing them up which should make your kneecaps rise.

Rotate the thighs in, maintain the curve of your spine, and tone your belly.

Take the time to ensure that your shoulder blades are over your pelvis and widen the collarbones.

Roll your shoulders up and down to release the shoulder blades, then allow your arms to naturally hang while the elbows are slightly bent yet the palms face forward.

Your neck should be long and your chin will be neutral (not tucked down or lifted up) as the head’s crown rises up.

Check your alignment and hold the position while you take between five and ten deep breaths.  

2. Plank Pose

10 Summer Solstice Vibrant Yoga Flow Moves You'll Love

From the Mountain Pose, get yourself down for the Plank and have your wrists in line with your shoulders.

You can either have your knees on your mat or hold them up while your fingers are spread and you keep your chest up.

Look down at the space between your hands and elongate the rear of your back, then draw the abdominal muscles in the direction of your spine.

Tuck in your toes and take a step back to have your entire body in a straight line.

As your thighs are up, keep your butt in line and contract your abdominal muscles with your head in line.

Spread out across your collarbones and shoulder blades then draw down through your index fingers.

Press your quadriceps up and elongate your tailbone back towards your heels.

Hold that position for five deep breaths and even five minutes if you want to build up your stamina. 

3. Sun Salutations

Now it is time to salute the sun. Start in the tabletop position down on both your hands and knees.

Keep the elbows in and move your shoulders forward so they go beyond your wrists.

Lower yourself slowly. Try to go halfway down to keep off your belly or all the way down onto it.

As you take a breath in, press into a small backbend, and then press back into your hands and knees as you exhale. 

4. Child’s Pose

To stretch out your hip muscles and your back as you salute the sun, try the Child’s Pose. Kneel down on your knees and then lean forward while your butt is on your heels.

Rest the forehead on your mat then move your arms until they are next to the corresponding leg with the palms up.

Take a deep breath in and out around eight times in this pose.

5. Warrior I Halfway Fold

Salute the sun in the warrior fashion with the pose also known as the Charging Warrior, which begins from a standing position with your legs out wide and your feet aligned.

Have your rear foot at a 60-degree angle pointing forward and keep your hips square.

Rotate the inner thighs inward and have your front knee bent by a 90-degree angle so it is above the ankle. 

Your pelvis should be tucked in and your ribcage lifted with the shoulder blades down and back while squeezed together.

You can have your hands clasped together while the lower body remains static. Bend the upper body forward from the crease of your hip in a straight line and gaze forward.

Hold that position for between thirty seconds and a full minute. 

6. Chair Twists

10 Summer Solstice Vibrant Yoga Flow Moves You'll Love

You can do a Chair Twist from the Mountain Pose and use this as the second pose in a series of five.

With your feet together, take a breath in and raise your arms over your head, so they are perpendicular to the mat.

Breathe out as you bend your knees and have your thighs parallel while your knees slightly project out and your torso should form a right angle over the thighs, like a chair.

Bring your arms down and have your palms together at the chest then exhale as you twist towards the right as your left elbow comes to the outside of the right thigh. 

Return the left hip back to square off your hips and align your knees.

Press the upper part of your left arm on your thigh then draw in your right shoulder blade to your back as you turn your chest.

Turn your gaze up and bring down your hips then elongate your spine as you breathe and twist in deep.

Stack the top shoulder over your rear shoulder and draw your thumbs in and hold the posture for a minute with your arms reaching above your head. 

7. Standing Forward Fold

To get back down to earth, stand up straight in the Mountain Pose and ease into a Standing Forward Fold.

Take a deep breath out and bend your hips forward to elongate your torso.

Bend at the elbows and hold each one with the opposite hand then let your head’s crown hang as you press your heels into the mat and raise your sit bones up.

Try to ensure your knees do not lock as you turn in the tops of your thighs.

Place your fingertips on your mat next to your feet and bring your toes in line while you engage the quadriceps.

Your hamstrings should release then you can bring down the weight to your feet with your hips over your ankles.

Lift and elongate your torso as you breathe in and out then let your head hang. Hold the posture for a full minute and then put your hands on your hips to release.

8. Upward Facing Dog

To help you gaze up at the sky towards the sun, lie on your stomach with your elbows bent and your hands next to your chest.

Draw in your shoulder blades then press your hands into the mat and lift your torso up with your legs straight.

Take a breath in and lift up some more then raise the thighs and hips as you tilt your head back. Keep the arms straight and press through the tops of both feet. 

9. Downward Facing Dog

From upward-facing to downward-facing, begin on both your hands and knees with your hands shoulder-width apart.

Press into the mat with your hands and tuck in your toes as you take a breath in and out.

Lift your knees up off the mat and straighten your legs as you hold the pose for between thirty seconds and a minute

10. Low Lunge

To offer up your heart’s intentions, try a Low Lunge from the Downward Facing Dog.

Inhale and take a step forward with your right foot between your hands then lower your back knee.

Stabilize that knee by having it stacked over the ankle then move your palms to the chest which should activate your heart chakra.

Touch your little fingers with your thumbs and keep the palm heels pressed.

Open out your hands then extend through the fingers as you inhale. Set your intentions and then exhale while you extend your arms out overhead.

You can even shut your eyes and allow your head to drop back. Take three to five deep breaths as you hold the pose.  

Final Thoughts

The Summer Solstice is an ancient tradition to herald the sun at the highest point in the sky.

Some traditions still remain and the event is marked by festivals and religious ceremonies.

If you want to join in with the festivities, then try these simple yoga poses and start the solstice off in the right way, just in time for International Yoga Day. 

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