How To Clean A Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great way of training not only your body but also your mind. Because of that, many people frequently participate in yoga.

The downside of regular yoga is that your mat can start to become dirty over time. When this happens, you must give your yoga mat a thorough clean.

How To Clean A Yoga Mat

How do you clean a yoga mat? Find out below. 

Why Do You Need To Clean The Yoga Mat?

Over time, bad germs can develop. This can lead to unpleasant smells. Nobody wants to do some yoga next to someone using a smelly mat!

Plus, you can contaminate others with your germs. Therefore, it is particularly important to clean your mat if you participate in yoga alongside other people. 

However, even if you are exercising alone, you should wash your yoga mat for cleanliness reasons.

How Often Should You Clean Your Yoga Mat?

The frequency with which you should give your mat a deep clean will depend on how intense your yoga practice is. If you find yourself generating a lot of sweat, you should aim to wash that mat regularly.

It will also be reliant on how often you participate in yoga. If it is an occasional hobby, you will not need to wash the mat as regularly as you would if it was a frequent exercise.

If you begin to notice a gross smell, this is a clear indication that the yoga mat needs to be cleansed. On average, we recommend giving your mat a clean approximately once a week.

How To Clean A Yoga Mat

Luckily, getting your yoga mat looking as good as new is super simple!

The technique will be slightly different depending on whether you just want a quick and easy clean or if you wish to be more thorough.

Quick Clean

In the event that your mat is not very dirty and has not developed a repellent smell, you can get away with simply giving it a quick wash. To do this, simply:

  1. Ensure that the instructions allow you to use certain cleaning solutions.
  2. Fill a spray bottle with water and add a little detergent.
  3. Laying your mat on the floor or another flat surface, spray this solution on the mat. Target sections of the mat that are particularly stained or that you use regularly. 
  4. Dip a cloth in warm water and rub it against the mat. 
  5. Allow the mat to dry before attempting to use it again.

Thorough Clean

If the mat has not been cleaned for a while, it will likely require a deep clean. Even though this clean is rigorous, it is very straightforward. All you need to do is:

Thorough Clean
  1. Read the cleaning instructions for your specific mat. This is essential because cleaning solutions are suitable for some mats but not for others.
  2. Soak your yoga mat in warm water. Add a weak detergent to the mixture. If any cleaning solutions are not suitable for your mat, you should avoid them. Often, adding a little dish soap allows you to give the mat a deep clean.
  3. With a cloth, clean the surface of the mat. It is best to target areas where there are visible stains and signs of dirt. This hand scrubbing can be a little tiring but it is worth it when you get rid of all the stains.
  4. Drain the water. Replace it with clear water. This will enable you to get rid of any remaining cleaning products. Once you are satisfied that these products have been removed, drain the water from the yoga mat.
  5. After you have finished the cleaning process, leave the mat to dry. The best technique for drying a yoga mat is to hang it using a clothes hanger. Put towels or a bucket under the mat so that the water doesn’t drip onto your floor.
  6. Once dried, you can roll up and use your mat again. It should be as good as new!

Tips For Yoga Mat Care

Now that you know how to wash your mat, you should also be aware of how to care for it. No matter how clean your mat is, it will not last for a long time if you don’t follow these simple care instructions:

  • If you don’t have time for a thorough clean, simply use a cleaning wipe to give the mat a basic wash.
  • Wash yourself before using your mat. It is most important to clean your hands and feet, as these are the body parts that are most likely to get the mat dirty.
  • Wait for the mat to dry entirely before using it.
  • Refrain from using harsh cleaners. Though they can remove bacteria, these cleaning solutions can also harm the material.
  • Put a towel on top of the mat. This is particularly useful if you sweat profusely. Once you’ve finished your yoga routine, simply wash this towel separately.
  • Avoid using skin cream or other care products prior to your yoga exercise. This is because these products can be transferred to the mat, resulting in stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Yoga Mats In A Washing Machine?

This will differ depending on the brand of the mat. While some are machine washable, others aren’t.

Therefore, you must research the cleaning instructions for a specific mat before you place it in the washing machine.

If the mat is not suitable for this type of cleaning, it could be damaged when put in a washing machine.

Can You Use White Vinegar On A Yoga Mat?

Yes, white vinegar is a widely used cleaning agent for yoga mats. This is largely due to its antibacterial properties which ensure a deep clean.

Be sure to weaken the white vinegar with water before applying it to the mat. You should use roughly the same amount of both liquids.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your yoga mat may not seem like a fun activity. Yet, it is nevertheless essential unless you want to put up with nasty scents.

By regularly cleaning your mat, you can instead focus on developing your balance and inner harmony.

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