When To Start Prenatal Yoga

If you practice yoga and have recently become pregnant, you might be wondering when you should start prenatal yoga. This makes sense if you want to carry on boosting and relaxing your mind and wellbeing whilst also staying healthy.

Fortunately, you do not have to give up yoga, and instead, just adapt to prenatal yoga in the second trimester. If you have never done yoga before, then some midwives even suggest you take up a softer and easier form of yoga.

When To Start Prenatal Yoga

Not only will yoga help you to become connected to your baby, it will also give you a place to meet other moms who are also expecting children. This can help with any anxieties you may have too.

In this article we shall take a look at when to start prenatal yoga and the benefits this may bring you whilst you are expecting a baby. 

When To Start Prenatal Yoga?

If you are planning to start yoga or even carry on with it but have fallen pregnant, prenatal yoga is advised to begin as soon as you hit the second trimester. At this point you can probably already see your pregnancy belly, too.

Because of this, you will need to hold positions that are both safe and easy for you to do. As the uterus and belly grows, you will have stopped lying on your tummy and doing deeper twists.

For this reason, you will really benefit from a gentler form of yoga that still has the same benefits as regular yoga. 

It is also much safer for you, and if you go to a prenatal practice, the instructor will only be focusing on pregnancy yoga, and there will be other women doing the same thing. 

Can You Do Yoga In The First Trimester?

If you are in your first trimester, you do not need to do any drastic changes when it comes to yoga. What you will want to focus on is perhaps starting to adapt your routine.

This is because you will want to get your body used to the new habits, rather than a sudden change.

At this point you may also be feeling quite tired, and you may even have morning sickness to deal with. This means that you should allow yourself to take it a little easier than usual.

Even though your bump is not showing at this point, still remember to tell your instructor that you are pregnant. 

What Are the Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga?

When you are pregnant, your body does wonderful things you probably did not even know it was capable of. Not only that, it is also holding a real living thing and helping it to grow into a baby. 

Because you have absolutely no control of this change whatsoever, it can start to become a little overwhelming, and you might feel alone, too. All of this can also lead you to feeling disconnected from who you really are. 

Yoga can help you to stay focused and connected to both yourself and your new baby. It is all about embracing the journey that is ahead, and making sure that you are prepared for the future. 

Prenatal yoga has other benefits too, because it can help with breathing exercises and strengthening of muscles to make sure you are prepared to give birth. It can also give you a sense of community because you can share this time with other moms. 

Not only can you support each other through pregnancy – afterall, you know what each other is going through – but you might even find a toddler group with these ladies in the future. 

Are There Safety Precautions With Prenatal Yoga?

Are There Safety Precautions With Prenatal Yoga?

Yoga is said to be a safe form of exercise during pregnancy, and can even be beneficial for both the mother and the child. Having said that, there are no scientific studies when it comes to this topic.

Taking part in prenatal yoga is absolutely fine for a healthy mom-to-be, but if you are suffering from complications or underlying health issues, it is best to speak to a professional first.

Even so, no matter your health status, yoga needs to be fully adapted to make sure it is 100 percent safe to do whilst expecting a baby.

A number of positions require you to bend, twist and lie on your back, and all of these should be avoided from the second trimester onwards. 

You might also find that your body feels a lot more flexible than usual. This is all down to the hormone relaxin which is your body’s way of preparing itself to hold a baby and to give birth.

Even so, do not make the most of this as you will end up overstretching and causing injuries to your ligaments. 

However, whilst the above is an issue, the biggest problem you will face is falling after losing your balance. Once your belly begins to show, you will want to avoid any position where you have to balance, or where you might feel lightheaded.

If something seems like it might be too much, avoid it. This is the same with hot yoga as well. You do not want to do anything that will heat up the core of your body to make the temperature rise. 

If you do plan on staying in your regular yoga practice, remember to tell your instructor that you are pregnant. 

Final Thoughts

If you have not long found out that you are pregnant, then the good news is that you can still practice yoga. However, you will need to adapt it dramatically during both the second and third trimester to make sure you are doing so safely.

It is best to spend the first trimester trying out new habits to fall into once the belly starts to grow bigger. Over time you will be able to work out what suits you best, and how prenatal yoga can benefit you.

Just remember to take it slow and easy, and not to force yourself to try positions that are difficult whilst pregnant.

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