8 Thanksgiving Yoga Poses For The Family To Enjoy Together

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your family. There are loads of traditional Thanksgiving activities to get involved with, including having a big meal, playing games, or watching a movie.

8 Thanksgiving Yoga Poses For The Family To Enjoy Together

Yet, if you want to try something a little different, you should opt for yoga.

Yoga is a great way of improving your spiritual connection with your family members. Not to mention, it can help you relax after you’ve spent time planning a large family meal.

When developing your Thanksgiving family yoga routine, it is important to find poses that everyone can do, especially if kids are getting involved.

Here are 8 excellent poses to try as a family, from the tree pose to the flower pose.

8 Thanksgiving Yoga Poses For the Family

1. The Tree Pose

This asana pose is an iconic balancing position. Many people find this exercise to be quite relaxing, so you can easily calm yourself after a stressful day.

By performing the tree pose, your balance should be improved.

To get into the tree pose, all you need to do is stand on one leg, resting your other leg on the side of your thigh. Next, lift your arms above your head, with your palms meeting in the air.

Hold the tree pose for as long as you want, since it can be very soothing. 

By balancing on just one leg, you will likely start to sway. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. Not to mention, you will feel just like a tree swaying in the wind.  

2. The Lotus Pose

This exercise is one where you can sit on the ground, making it sensational for older and less mobile family members.

Unlike some of the other poses in this list, it will not require much balance or standing up for extended periods.

Despite appearing to be quite simple, the lotus pose will still require a degree of flexibility and strength.

To start, place your buttocks on the floor. Bend your legs to make a cradle, positioning your left foot atop your right thigh.

Complete this with the other side of your body. When you do this, the sole of your foot must be looking upward. 

You can put your hands wherever you want. You can place them on your knees for additional support.

Alternatively, some people prefer to place their hands closer to their hearts when performing the lotus pose, as it can establish a better connection with your emotions.

The lotus pose is magnificent for meditation. So if you have had a hectic Thanksgiving and wish to spend some time relaxing, you should consider using the lotus pose.

You can use it anytime you feel a little stressed or overwhelmed. Your family can utilize the pose to reflect on the importance of being thankful during Thanksgiving.

3. The Extended Mountain Pose

If you are looking for a yoga pose that is simple enough for kids to get involved in, the mountain pose is a sensational suggestion.

It is one of the easiest yoga poses out there!

This pose has been labeled the mountain pose because it gets practitioners to stand tall, just like a real mountain.

Not to mention, it’s a strong and sturdy pose akin to its namesake.

To do the mountain pose, all you have to do is stand with your legs next to one another with just a few inches in between them.

Then, focus on different parts of your body, gradually working your way upward. Feel the energy moving from your toes, up through your legs, into your core, and up to the head.

Remember to breathe deeply as you do so.

If you wish to perform an extended mountain pose, complete the same actions but with your arms in the air, reaching as high as they can go.

The mountain pose has become popular because it offers yogis tons of benefits.

It enhances your posture, places you in a good mental position, builds leg muscles, and increases the energy flow of your body.

4. Warrior 3 Pose

Even if you are new to the world of yoga, you’ve likely heard of the warrior poses. This is because the warrior poses are some of the most well-known and iconic yoga positions.

We’ve specifically chosen warrior pose 3 because we believe that it’s best suited to family yoga sessions.

To feel the benefits of this pose, all you have to do is balance yourself on one leg. Raise your other leg so that it is extended behind you.

Bring your torso forward so that it is leaning in the direction of the foot that is firmly on the ground.

8 Thanksgiving Yoga Poses For The Family To Enjoy Together

Place your arms at the side of the torso so that they become energized. Maintain this pose for a couple of seconds, remembering to breathe deeply as you hold it. 

As a great way of getting kids involved, you can ask kids to flap their arms like a bird. This will make them feel as though they are going to take off and fly into the air.

Some people prefer to hold their arms in front of them, thus extending the body further. In this case, you can get younger members of your family to pretend to be airplanes.

This pose is great for improving your strength and making you feel more confident.

5. The Child’s Pose

As indicated by the name, the child’s pose is an exercise that younger members of your family can get involved in.

This exercise is brilliant for encouraging calming energies and for grounding people. This is because it reflects the position that babies adopt in the womb.

To get into this position, put your hands and feet on the ground (which preferably is covered with a yoga mat). Lean forward, bending your knees as you do so.

Continue to do this until your forehead reaches the floor and your knees are bent, meaning that they are close to your nose.

Either extend your arms backward or forward depending on whatever feels more comfortable.

The main benefits of this exercise are emotional, namely that you can develop a calmer attitude. However, it can also improve flexibility, specifically in your hips.

Thanksgiving can be a stressful day, so why not gift your family with this stress-relieving exercise?

6. Corpse Pose

Though this pose may have a morbid name, it is very beneficial to yogis. This is because it is one of the most relaxing poses you can try.

Not to mention, it’s super simple. So even if your family is inexperienced with yoga, they can give it a shot.

All you have to do is lie on your back. Stretch your legs and arms but ensure that they are still on the ground. It’s that simple!

Breathe deeply when you conduct the corpse pose and try to concentrate as much as possible.

This is an ideal time for personal reflection. To tie this pose into the theme of Thanksgiving, you can ask your family to think about all the things that they are grateful for in their life.

The corpse pose is often used to conclude a yoga session, so you can do it after trying some of these other exercises.

7. Butterfly Pose

Next, we’ve chosen the butterfly pose because it is a great way of establishing bonds between people.

So if you want your family to be spiritually closer over Thanksgiving, the butterfly pose may be the answer.

To increase this bond, family members can face one another as they try the pose.

To start, get into a seated position. Then, bend your knees and bring your legs in front of you until the soles of your feet are touching one another.

Hold your feel with your hands, resting your elbows on your thighs. 

This is a wonderful way of stretching the muscles in your hips and reducing back pain. 

8. Cobra Pose

Last but not least, this pose will get you to look just like a cobra. It’s fun for all the family, particularly young kids.

Kids often enjoy pretending to be a cobra when doing this pose, so expect a few hisses!

If you are wondering how to do the cobra pose, simply lie down facing forward with your belly on the ground. Gently raise your torso so that it is elevated from the ground.

Ensure that your arms remain on the yoga mat, thus giving you more support. 

Keep this pose for a few breaths. It can be quite tiring so it is best not to hold it for too long. Its benefits include improving one’s posture and encouraging positivity.

It can also make people feel less fatigued, which is ideal on Thanksgiving. After all, this day requires tons of energy.

Closing Remarks

If you’ve grown bored of the same old Thanksgiving traditions, yoga is a magnificent method of getting your family involved with an enjoyable new activity.

By using the above poses, you can incorporate yoga into your annual yoga traditions. This way, you can become a happier and more relaxed family!

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