Yoga For Self-Love: 10 Amazing Tips

There are many reasons why people get involved with yoga.

For instance, you may want to become more physically fit. Alternatively, you can use yoga to improve your spiritual connection.

Yoga For Self-Love: 10 Amazing Tips

One of the best reasons for getting involved with yoga is to practice the art of self-love. Through yoga, you can learn to love and respect yourself.

If this is why you’ve started yoga, we’ve got 10 terrific tips for more self-loving yoga.

What Is Self-Love?

Self-love is all about learning to treat yourself better. This practice teaches you to prioritize your happiness and well-being. 

Additionally, self-love is designed to remove negative attitudes towards yourself, allowing you to focus on the many positives.

By embracing self-love, you can become a more emotionally stable and resilient individual.

10 Tips For Self-Love Yoga

Focus On Self-Healing

Yoga can be used as a method for healing oneself. Specifically, yoga enables people to recover spiritually.

This healing can be on a deep level. The reason for this is that yoga is an outstanding opportunity to unleash emotional issues.

In doing so, yogis release their negative feelings and instead focus on positive emotions. 

Consequently, this healing is a great way of connecting with yourself on a spiritual and emotional level. 

Explore Your Internal Self

You might assume that yoga is just about your physical body. Yet, it can also be used to connect with your spiritual side.

Therefore, you should remember to work on your internal side. Meditation is a key part of yoga that is often overlooked.

Just get into a comfortable position and work on your breathing to meditate properly. This can be utilized to expel negativity. 

Shavasana is a particularly optimal route if you are interested in using yoga to meditate. 

Use The Constructive Rest Pose

This is an exercise in which you hug yourself. As you can imagine, this is a perfect way of embracing your own body.

Research has shown that hugging is a great way of lessening stress and increasing happiness. So just imagine how beneficial hugging yourself can be!

To complete this pose, one would simply lay down on the ground. Fold your knees at a 90-degree angle.

Rest your arms at the side so that they are parallel with your hip sockets. Maintain this pose for several breaths.

For a more self-loving version of this yoga pose, wrap your arms around your torso as though you are hugging yourself.

This exercise particularly works the psoas muscles, which are found near the spine and pelvis. It is often underworked, so this is a beneficial exercise.

Try Pranayama

Try Pranayama

You might be wondering what this is. Pranayama is a branch of yoga focused on breathing. These breathing exercises are designed to give yogis more control over their life force energy. 

Pranayama often focuses on overcoming emotional issues and improving a person’s well-being.

If you have a problem with loving yourself, pranayama may be a great way of mastering this.

To demonstrate self-love through pranayama, get into a comfortable position. For many people, this involves sitting on the floor, but do whatever feels best for you.

Then, close your eyes. Exhale through your nose. Hold this for a few seconds. Inhale to release the air. Repeat these steps until you feel happier and more relaxed. 

Complete The Warrior 2 Pose

If you’ve been feeling a lack of confidence, the warrior 2 pose is ideal. This classic and iconic position is known for providing strength, hence why it has become so popular.

This energizing pose can boost your bodily strength. Specifically, your arms, core, and legs will become stronger.

Moreover, you will likely find that your balance has become enhanced. This pose not only strengthens your muscles but also centers the spirit as an empowering position.

To complete the warrior 2 pose, simply stand with one leg positioned backwards and the other facing forward.

Your feet should be parallel to one another and roughly 3 feet apart. The front leg should be bent slightly at the knee. 

Raise your arms at your side so that they are facing the same direction as your feet. Your arms should be facing forward so that you are aligned with your front arm.

Maintain this pose for a few seconds. Then alternate between focusing on the other side of your body.

If you need better confidence and self-love, you can’t go wrong with the wonderful warrior pose. 

Abandon The External

In the modern age, it can be incredibly difficult to focus on yourself.

We constantly have our eyes attached to our smartphones. People have busy lives, which means they lack time to look inward.

Furthermore, it can be hard to move beyond physical images. Many people feel self-conscious when participating in yoga.

This can be caused by idealistic images of yogis that one always sees on social media. If this is the case, you might want to practice yoga on your own until you become more confident and self-loving.

If you are having difficulty concentrating on your internal self, focus on meditating on yoga exercises.

As mentioned earlier, you must focus on the internal. Perhaps the best way to do this is to stop considering your external life and instead explore your spiritual side.

Change The Way You View Yoga

If you always think of yoga as being a chore, then you are unlikely to connect with it on a spiritual level.

Instead, your relationship with yoga will remain strained and negative. You will only ever see it as something that you need to do.

Thus, you cannot improve your self-love if you have such a pessimistic perception of yoga.

Change The Way You View Yoga

Ideally, you should think of yoga as an enlightening activity that you have chosen to participate in. You may have chosen to do yoga for any number of reasons.

For instance, you may have taken it up to improve your body. Alternatively, you may be motivated to develop a more centered personality. 

Just make sure that you are doing yoga for the right reasons, as poor motivation may not lead to self-love.

Close Your Eyes

Though it may sound obvious, closing your eyes during yoga is a really simple step but it can prove incredibly effective.

In yoga, you are often told to close your eyes. The reason for this is that it gives your mind a break from the rest of the world.

Furthermore, it encourages you to become less judgmental, especially toward yourself. 

If you struggle to focus on yourself and always have one eye on the outside world, perhaps doing something as simple as closing your eyes can increase your concentration considerably. 

Perform The Child’s Pose

When you feel like you need comfort and security, the child’s pose can work wonders.

This pose is incredibly relaxing, meaning that it is great if you have been feeling anxious or stressed. 

All you need to do is kneel on your yoga mat. Gradually bring your forehead toward the ground, curving your back as you do so. Hold this pose for as long as you feel comfortable.

The reason why this pose is so self-loving is that it puts you into a ball-like position, making you feel protected.

This protective position can erase any self-doubts that you have experienced.

This is an asana exercise that is under the umbrella of hatha yoga.

Essentially, this branch of yoga puts participants in a variety of positions that not only test their physical flexibility but are also used for relaxation. 

Use The Goddess/ God Pose

Lastly, the goddess or god pose is a way of accessing one’s inner deity.

This is an incredibly powerful pose that will teach you to view yourself in a more positive light, thus allowing you to identify your positive qualities.

This extremely easy pose can be done by standing straight with your hips wide apart, meaning that you take up a large amount of space.

Either lift your arms or place them on your belly for a more self-loving approach.

The great thing about this pose is that it can be used by yogis of different experience levels.

So whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been training for years, the goddess pose is a magnificent way of identifying one’s internal strength. 

This pose is said to be connected to feminine energies, so it is particularly great for women looking to feel more self-love.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Yoga Relieve Stress?

If you’ve had a stressful week at work, yoga can dramatically reduce stress. Relaxing you both physically and mentally, yoga releases tension you have built up.

This stress can make your body feel tight, which is released when you participate in yoga.

Does Yoga Improve Self-Esteem?

Yes, power poses are particularly beneficial for boosting self-esteem.

Final Thoughts

Self-love can be incredibly beneficial to your health and self-esteem. Yet, loving oneself can be tough. Luckily, yoga is a magnificent method of overcoming this barrier.

By following the above tips, you can enhance your use of yoga and become a more self-loving person.

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