What Is A Yoga Blanket?

Started doing yoga recently and heard talk about a yoga blanket? Maybe you have friends that are yoga lovers, and they can’t seem to stop talking about their new yoga blanket. 

That’s all well and good, but you probably have one question: what is a yoga blanket?

What Is A Yoga Blanket

If you’ve heard the term being thrown around here and there, but still have no idea what it means, we’ve got you. There’s a lot of confusion over things like this, and we can’t blame you for feeling a little lost. 

The truth is, a yoga blanket is simply a single layered blanket that can be used in yoga. There’s more to it than that, though. 

To find out what you need to know about yoga blankets, keep reading.

What Is A Yoga Blanket?

A yoga blanket is basically just a single-layer blanket that is deemed to be suitable for yoga. 

What Makes It Suitable?

The blanket isn’t too thin, and can be used to help with support in yoga sessions. They are just a fancy term for a piece of cloth, but they can be incredibly helpful if you’re doing yoga.

How Can A Yoga Blanket Be Used? 

Yoga blankets can be used to help give you support in yoga class, used as a cushion, or to keep you warm.

If you aren’t using a yoga blanket in class, there’s nothing stopping you from using it as a simple but stylish accessory around the house, too.

In Yoga Class

In yoga classes, these blankets can be incredibly helpful. When practicing meditation or relaxation poses, things can get a little chilly.

This blanket can be used as a blanket is usually used – to keep you warm! It just adds a little extra comfort and coziness. 

They are also commonly used to act as cushioning. This can be for your knees, hands, or bony body parts like hips. If you’ve ever been in a yoga session, you will know exactly how this can be useful.

There are a lot of poses that put pressure on the joints, and bony hips or elbows often feel a little sure afterwards. 

A yoga blanket can also help you gain some height in seated poses by helping you keep your back straight. To do this, you can just fold the blanket up and sit on the edge of it.

This positioning will force you to sit with your pelvis forward, lengthening your back at the same time. You will notice an immediate difference, and you will feel a lot better for it!

Finally, yoga blankets are popular for helping with support. Again, anyone who has done any kind of yoga will know how difficult some poses can be.

This is especially the case if you’re new to it, and your body isn’t quite ready to go it alone.

This blanket can be folded and used to support any part of the body that isn’t yet able to pull off the pose on its own yet. It’s all about learning and practice, so it isn’t something to feel bad about!

In Yoga Class

It’s also worth mentioning that a yoga blanket can replace a number of yoga props if you like. For example, it can act as a yoga mat if you don’t have one.

Additionally, it can be used as a yoga block to help you through those challenging poses. 

It can really be anything you want it to be! See how many more uses you can get out of it.

Around The House

In the end, a blanket is more or less a blanket, right? Right. As such, you can use your yoga around the house like a regular blanket, too!

It can be an accessory to sofas and beds, or it can be taken along for picnics or beach trips. 

Like any blanket, yoga blankets are great for winter cuddling, so it’s always a handy item, no matter what, 

What You Should Know When Picking A Yoga Blanket

If you suddenly feel the urge to buy yourself an amazing yoga blanket, there are a few things to consider before buying. Let’s take a quick look at them below:

The Material

You get yoga blankets made from cotton, wool, or blends. The cotton ones are the softest, while the wool ones are super thick and comfy, but not vegan-friendly.

Yoga blankets made from blends are usually made from cotton-polyester combinations, and are the most affordable options.

The Style

There are lots of yoga blanket styles to choose from. Options include the handmade Mexican Blanket, Indian yoga blankets, and felted yoga blankets.

These three blanket options are all stunning and unique. To pick the one that fits you best, take a look at what the product is made from, and where they are made.

The colors are also something to consider, but there are plenty of options available. 

The Size

Yoga blankets come in a number of sizes. There are no right or wrong options here, but we will always suggest going bigger than smaller.

With how versatile these beautiful blankets can be, you want them to be large enough for a number of uses and activities!

With a bigger yoga blanket, you have more options ahead of you and might be able to get more use out of it. 

Final Thoughts 

So, yoga blankets are essentially a fancy term for a single-layer cloth or blanket. They are usually a particular thickness in order to make them “suitable” for use in yoga and also around the house.

These blankets can be used to help with yoga poses, and cushioning for tough sessions.

Most importantly, yoga blankets can help keep you cozy and aid in relaxation in both yoga sessions and at home. 

Because of their versatility, yoga blankets can go from the studio to the sofa with ease, and they fit in easily.

What’s stopping you? You should get one, even if you just want to snuggle in it.

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