What To Wear To Hot Yoga

These days there are so many choices when it comes to what to wear to a yoga class. It is a far cry from the days when all you could choose from were joggers that fitted badly, and the shirts which were very baggy and thin.

What To Wear To Hot Yoga

From specialized leggings, to purpose built crop tops, you can look great as you take time out for your own mental wellbeing and physical strength – but, what about when you decide to join up to a hot yoga class?

Whilst you could just turn up in your usual yoga pants, you probably will not want to. They are thicker than regular leggings, and no doubt will be a nightmare to wear due to the buildup of sweat – yuck!

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what to wear to your first hot yoga class to make sure it is as comfortable as possible, without having the feeling of needing to remove layers.

Bottoms To Wear For Hot Yoga

Regular yoga pants are thicker than standard leggings. Not only do they feel more premium, but they allow nobody to see your underwear, phew

However, because they are thicker, they are not always suitable for hot yoga. Look for yoga pants which include antimicrobial properties to wick away sweat. This means that you will not feel damp, and nobody will be able to smell anything too.

Shorts are another good option. Now we are not talking about regular summer shorts, oh no. We are talking about what people call cycling shorts, though the type you would not use for actual cycling because there is no protection.

Again, look for shorts that include antimicrobial fabric to help remove excess moisture to avoid your yoga mat from becoming very slippy. 

You can use regular leggings if you really want to of course. So long as they are well made and lightweight, they will be fine. 

Tops To Wear For Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is hot, obviously, so you will want to avoid tops that are heavy and cover your whole upper body. If you do wear a long sleeved top, you may find yourself removing it quite early on.

The best thing to wear is both breathable and lightweight which allows your body to move freely. For example, a tank top is one of the best options. It feels comfortable and allows you to move your arms without any snagging.

Bralettes and sports bras are becoming more popular to wear on their own as a top during yoga, but not everybody feels comfortable wearing one alone.

You may still want to wear one under your top if it does not already provide support, however.

For advice on what sports bra (or bralette) to wear, take a look at the next section.

Lastly, crop tops are another option. Once a 90s staple, it has come back into fashion. If you find that a sports bra is perhaps too much like wearing underwear, a crop top may be a good alternative, especially if you do not want to wear a tank top.

Some popular brands like Nike make great crop tops for yoga (and sporting activities) that include technology which wicks away sweat, as well as helps to regulate body temperature. 

Sports Bra To Wear For Hot Yoga

Sports Bra To Wear For Hot Yoga

It is always important to wear the correct bra for any type of activity, and yoga is no different. Whilst you do not want to wear a tight high impact sports bra due to it being restrictive, you may still want to wear something for that extra support. 

When choosing a sports bra, look for something that is considered low impact. Whilst it may still be on the tight side, it will not be as tight as a high impact sports bra which is used for something like running. 

Also, make sure it is antimicrobial. This means it will help to soak some of that sweat up to keep you drier. This does not mean it will stop you sweating, however. You will sweat!

Another option is a bralette. A bralette that has been created for an activity usually has some sort of support and maybe even padding, because it can be worn on its own or underneath something like a vest.

Whilst a bralette does offer support, if you need a little more, you will be better off going with a sports bra. 

Extras To Bring To Hot Yoga

During hot yoga you will sweat more than regular yoga, so you will want to have a clean hand towel to absorb any of that extra moisture from your skin.

You may actually want to wash your face straight after too in the bathroom, especially if you suffer from acne.

If you have longer hair you will need to tie it up. Whilst there is no law against not doing so, you will be thankful for it!

Not only will tying your hair up into a bun or ponytail help to stop it from sticking to your skin, but it will keep out of your face too.

Also, change the mat that you will be using. Because of the sweat, your mat will become slippier. This means that having a mat that is grippier will stop you from having an accident. 

Lastly, do not forget about bringing some extra water to class. Whilst it is always important to take a bottle of water to yoga, you may end up drinking even more in hot yoga. 

Whilst you will want to try and not drink every 5 minutes, it is key to have water available so you can stay hydrated and replenish the liquid that you lose. 

Final Thoughts

If you already do yoga, then you likely know what to wear to a regular class, however, this all changes when it comes to hot yoga. Not only will you need some extra water (think of all that sweat), you will need to think carefully about what to wear too.

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