How To Hang A Yoga Swing

If you are interested in diversifying your range of yoga exercises, you can add new equipment to your routine. Though many people opt for yoga balls, yoga swings can also be incredibly useful.

As with any piece of equipment, it is important to know how to properly use and install a yoga swing. Otherwise, you can fall and injure yourself!

How To Hang A Yoga Swing

Luckily, we’ve got a simple set of instructions so that you can hang your yoga swing as easily as possible.

What Is A Yoga Swing?

A yoga swing, also known as a yoga trapeze or hammock, is a tool used in some forms of yoga. This item is particularly useful in asana, which is a branch of yoga that focuses on physical forms. 

Yoga swings are made from fabric and suspended from the ceiling. 

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How To Hang A Yoga Swing

If you wish to hang a yoga swing in your home or gym, all you need to do is follow these straightforward instructions:


1. Find a piece of your ceiling that is made from hardwood. This will have to be strong and sturdy so that it can support your weight. If you use weak support, you can not only break the swing but also do some damage to the ceiling. Not to mention, it can hurt if you are plunged from a height onto the floor.

2. If this is not possible in your home, such as if you have drywall ceilings, you will need to look at alternatives. For instance, you can utilize a secured beam. If you’re wondering whether or not your ceiling is suitable to support a yoga swing, you should consult a professional builder. 

3. Obtain an eye bolt. Hold the eye bolt up against the ceiling so that you can determine the best location to hang your swing. You should bear in mind that many aerial yoga exercises require a lot of space. Therefore, it is best not to petition the swing directly next to any doors or walls.

4. Mark the area on the ceiling in which you will attach the eye bolt. Your marks should be as precise as possible. You can simply use a pencil to make these marks so that you can erase them afterward. To reach the ceiling, you may need to utilize a ladder.

5. Drill holes into the ceiling at the appropriate place. It is recommended that you take some safety precautions during this step, such as wearing a safety mask and goggles. This will protect you from dust and debris, which could fall into your eyes or mouth. Ensure that the drill bit is correct for the size of your eye bolt.

6. Holding the eye bolt’s mount against the ceiling, carefully screw it into place. Make certain that the mount is fully attached before you try to install the yoga swing. Otherwise, it can fall, when you attempt to use it.

7. Now that you have attached the mount, you can move onto the swing itself! The method you use will depend on what type of hammock you have. Some will be attached via rope while other swings have helpful hooks that allow you to conveniently attach the fabric to the mount.

8. If your wing has a rope attachment, simply tie it around the eye bolt. Ensure that you use a string knot to keep the swing. If the swing has hooks, simply press down on the latch and secure it around the bolt. Ensure that you do this for both ends of the swing, allowing it to drape from the ceiling.

9. Test out the swing. Once you are satisfied that it is working properly, enjoy using your incredible yoga swing! 

How To Hang A Yoga Swing


To ensure that you’ve got everything you need, here is a convenient checklist of essentials:

  • A yoga swing: though it sounds obvious, you will need a yoga swing. These can be bought online, coming in a  wide variety of shapes and colors.
  • An eye bolt: this can be found at DIY stores. It’s a special fastening consisting of a ring, allowing objects to be passed through.
  • Screws and a screwdriver: to secure the eye bolt in place, you’ll need screws and a screwdriver.
  • A drill: ensure that you get a powerful drill to get into the hardwood as smoothly as possible.
  • A ladder: unless you’re 6 feet tall, you may struggle to reach your ceiling. Even if you can reach it, a ladder can reduce the strain on your arms. 
  • A pencil and an eraser: used to make marks on your ceiling, a pencil and rubber are useful items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Yoga Swings?

Yoga swings can open up a whole world of yoga exercises. This is often known as aerial yoga. There are lots of reasons why you should get involved with yoga swings, including:

  • It decompresses the spine.
  • Your balance can be enhanced. 
  • Better blood circulation.
  • They’re super fun to use. 
  • Your entire body will be exercised. Few other yoga poses offer full-body workouts.

Can You Hang A Yoga Swing From A High Ceiling?

Yes, you can! You will need a certain amount of height unless you want your swing to droop to the floor. Just ensure that you get an extra long swing, as otherwise, it will not be low enough for you to use.

You will also have to use a ladder to install a swing to a tall ceiling, as you are unlikely to reach it without a ladder.

Closing Remarks

If you’ve grown bored of the same old yoga exercises, these swings are a marvelous method of enlivening your routine. By following these steps, you’ll have your yoga swing up in no time. What’s stopping you from getting stuck into these fun yoga exercises?

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