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Flow State : The area’s longest running 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training focused on self realization through intelligent physical practice of Yoga in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition. This is a truly personalized Teacher Training. Each student receives their own unique syllabus developed around their personal schedule and needs. We are looking to work with future yoga teachers who are ready to dig deeper, steep themselves in tradition, and who are looking for transformation in their bodies, minds, spirits and lives!

Use our online form to apply today for this special course!

200 Hour Training Modules Include ::

* Applicable anatomy for asana (the postures) and for pranayama (the breathing techniques)
* Asana Clinics (examining postures in detail)         * Community Building and Good Studentship
* How to offer Assists and Adjustments                     * Ayurveda (health, diet, and lifestyle choices)
* Kundalini and the Chakras                                         * Artful Teaching and Motivation
* Meditation Training including your own personal Mantra Ceremony
* Pranayama in Asana and as a practice                     * Injury Prevention and Modifications for safety
* Bandhas (the body locks) and how to use them     * Writing your own Sequences for classes
* Philosophy (Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Upanishads and other important texts)
* Sanskrit (how to pronounce key terms, poses, mantras, and some practice writing letters)
* Teaching beginners, pregnant students and/or other special populations
* Designing your OWN sequences properly and safely for beginners through advanced students
* Variations, modifications, and contraindications of poses and transitions for all levels
* Expert business advice to maximize your earning potential and tips on best social media practices

Teachers in Training in Dhyana Yoga’s program are also required to participate in Practicum hours, when time is spent practice teaching to achieve comfort and skill in the art of teaching yoga.

2018 Weekend Programs

Mid-Year 2018 Dates:  March 24 & 25 // April 7 & 8 // April 21 & 22 // May 5 & 6 // May 19 & 20 // June 9 & 10 // July 14 & 15 // August 11 & 12 // September 8 & 9 // September 15 & 16 // September 29 & 30 // October 13 & 14 // 10:30am-5pm each day // All meetings at 1611 Walnut Street, 4th Floor (Rittenhouse location)

Fall 2018 Program Starts September 8th! Full schedule will be posted by April 30th.

Use the online form to apply today!

Summer 2018 Weekday Program — July 10th through August 23rd (Tuesday-Friday days, with some weekend hours available if you wish) //  Daytime hours vary between 8am and 8pm, please apply for exact schedule, or contact Diana at dhyanattinfo@gmail.com //All meetings at 1611 Walnut Street, 4th Floor (Rittenhouse location)

We kindly request a deposit to hold your space in the 200 hour program prior to program start date. Your space will be held only once you tender a deposit. Space is limited and we accept only a limited number of trainees at a time. Please communicate with us if you need to pay in installments or make a smaller deposit – we understand. Deposit counts toward full fee, and full fee includes free unlimited classes at Dhyana Yoga, materials, and access to extra online training content. Dhyana Yoga grads receive lifetime discounts and 50 extra hours of training with us in the future!

Tender payment by cash/check in person, by Venmo at @peaceandpizza or via our software by creating an account at www.studiobookingsonline.com/dhyanayoga (find the “Teacher Training Deposit” drop down button and you’ll be able to use a credit card).

Full course cost: $2150 if paid in full by 2 weeks prior to start date; $2250 if paid in full by start date; Payment after start date/with Payment Plan: $2,400.00

Please do NOT tender payment before applying AND hearing back from us!

Weekday Accelerated 200 Hour Teacher Training

May 8th – June 14th or July 10th – Aug 23rd

For Yogis who cannot attend weekend programs, we have carefully developed a course to work with you on weekdays at Dhyana Yoga Rittenhouse, 1611 Walnut Street, 4th Floor

Flexible Hours available during the week. A personal syllabus will be created for you based on your availability. Some course work will be offered independently. Some hours can also be taken on weekends

Use the online form to apply today!

Tender your $1200 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit & free classes begin immediately; full accelerated course cost is $2150 if paid in full 2 weeks before start date; $2250 if paid in full by start date. Payments toward the full payment may be made with payment plans if needed. Discounts will be given for full payment ahead of time. Please let us know your preference and we will work with you on the financial piece.

Payment after start date or with Payment Plan: $2,400.00 (includes free classes)

Tender payment by cash/check in person, by Venmo at @peaceandpizza or via our software by creating an account at www.studiobookingsonline.com/dhyanayoga (find the “Teacher Training Deposit” drop down button and you’ll be able to use a credit card).

Please do NOT tender payment before applying AND hearing back from us!

Already a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program Graduate?

Join us for the Advanced Training that will change your life!

Journey Deeper into the Flow : Join us for an advanced study of the practices of yoga… and how to best teach them. This 300 Hour course is the next step for graduates of any 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

Upon completion, graduates will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a 500 Hour RYT. You must have a 200 Hour certificate to apply — this 200 Hour Training can be from any Yoga Teacher Training. Graduates of Dhyana Yoga’s Teacher Training will be offered a 10% discount for attending this 300 Hour Program.

Our Program Goals are to provide you with high level, advanced content from teachers with a minimum of 10 years teaching experience, support you through the process of growth that is inevitable when undertaking such studies, and help you create your own authentic, unique content that sets your teaching apart upon graduation.

You Can Start Anytime. Program is 12 Months.

Ready to apply? Use our online application

Make up time will be offered for participants  needing to miss certain meetings due to prior obligations or emergencies.

Our course leader is John Vitarelli. You will work directly with and assist John during his ongoing classes and either on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the day, or Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoons. You can go at your own pace and build up to your 300 hours as fast or slow as you need to through the material.

Deeper explorations of Yoga practice must come with flexibility, as the content involved in an advanced training is profound and often time is needed to integrate. Also, life.

300 hour teaser

Tender your $999 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for our 300 Hour Program & free classes begin immediately. Pay in full by your start day and the price is $1999 total. If you choose to use a payment plan, the full payment is $2499 and may be made in installments.

Tender payment by cash/check in person, by Venmo at @peaceandpizza or via our software by creating an account at www.studiobookingsonline.com/dhyanayoga (find the “Teacher Training Deposit” drop down button and you’ll be able to use a credit card).

Please do NOT tender payment before applying AND hearing back from us!


Dhyana Yoga has been training Yoga teachers since 2002, and our Teacher Trainers are experienced, full time, devoted Yoga Teachers. When you train at Dhyana Yoga, you can be sure you will be under the guidance of teachers who are experts in the topic they are presenting. Many of our graduates note that they chose Dhyana Yoga because we have spent 15 years training teachers, refining our content, and over those years, gaining a unique perspective on the inner workings not only of the practice, but also of the business side of Yoga. Setting us apart from other schools, we also happily offer our graduates lifetime access to continuing education in future Dhyana Yoga Teacher Trainings and have created post-graduates programs for our trainees including opportunities to teach at DY, mentorships, and assisting in classes with our senior teachers.

This program is offered to aspiring teachers, but also designed for any student with a desire to learn more about Yoga theory, practice, and philosophy. Dhyana Yoga is a Registered School through the Yoga Alliance and our graduates are internationally recognized and hired at gyms, studios, spas, cruise ships, retreat centers, and also to teach privately.

The standards of Dhyana Yoga’s Teacher Training exceed the national standards for Yoga Training Schools in both the amount of hours we provide and in the scope of content, so you will graduate with more information and experience hours than the average teacher training graduate, putting you out ahead from the start. We believe that every student is a teacher for tomorrow, and are committed to pouring ourselves into this program in order to pass on absolutely everything we know so you will be ready to teach promptly upon graduation.

Your Guides ::
Diana Vitarelli began practicing in 1989 and has completed teacher trainings in the following :: Ashtanga Yoga w/ Tim Miller (Ashtanga Yoga Center, San Diego, CA), Kundalini Yoga w/ Yogi Bhajan (Yoga West, Los Angeles, CA), Primordial Sound Meditation (Chopra Center, San Diego, CA) and Ayurveda Level 1 & 2 (Chopra Center, San Diego, CA).  She has also spent time in Mysore, India with Saraswati Jois studying the Ashtanga method and continues to pursue further education.

John Vitarelli began practicing in 1994 and teaching in 2002, then did his formal certification at Dhyana Yoga in 2006. He has graduated from the Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with Tim Miller, and spent time in Mysore, India with Sharath Jois studying the Ashtanga Mysore method. He is the Director of Dhyana Yoga’s Mysore Program in Philadelphia and a graduate of culinary school.

Bruno Circolo began his yoga journey in 2002. After discovering the warm and nurturing community at Dhyana Yoga, he enrolled in our teacher training program, completing the entire course twice. He has also completed trainings with Sri Andrei Ram Om and Simon Park. Bruno began teaching yoga in 2008 and is one of the area’s most experienced, dedicated, and most loved, yoga teachers.


Find your Power & Deepen your Experience

Find your Power & Deepen your Experience



Dhyana Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training program not only prepared me to be a confident yoga instructor– it helped me discover a new outlook on life. It’s obvious to me that Dhyana Yoga has optimized their curriculum and presentation of material over the years. The instructors that run this program are extremely dedicated to their students and have created an atmosphere that is unparalleled. We had a great balance of anatomy, asana, adjustments, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, sanskrit, and yoga business education. Plus the friends that I made during my teacher training program are like a family and I know we’ll stay close through the years. Thanks for everything Diana and John!” ~J, 2015 Graduate

“You realize the solid training you have received in Teacher Training when you are hired to teach an intermediate vinyasa flow class and then are asked to teach a more restorative practice right before start time! Thank you for giving me the knowledge to get through this successfully!” ~M, 2013 Graduate

“Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this wonderful experience! I can’t wait to spend the next 20 years learning even more…with you! Thanks, also, for your patience as I paid you so slowly. You’re awesome.” ~K, 2017 Graduate

“You know, truly, there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t feel grateful for the yoga teacher training you and the rest of your awesome teachers gave me. I just want to write to say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m making a living teaching yoga and managing a yoga studio!” ~E, 2008 Graduate

“I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your openness and sharing your life experiences with us in class. I’m not very vocal in class as far as sharing my own stories, but I am working on that and it helps to be able to relate to you. I am so inspired by the program you have created, it has truly given me the steps I’ve been looking for to forge a new path for myself!” ~T, 2013 Graduate

“I entered this program unsure, scared, and not planning to be a Yoga teacher and left a completely different person! Thank you for everything you taught us in these past months, I enjoyed every topic, even the ones I didn’t think I would. I had my first audition yesterday and felt confident that I was prepared, and they offered me a job! I will be coming back to keep studying with you and miss getting to be in class with you for 8 hours a day!” ~D, 2011 Graduate

“There were 12 of us in my teacher training at DY, and 1 month after graduation, 11 of us are already teaching! I’m so proud of the hard work we did and so glad I chose this program.” ~J, 2013 Graduate


Q // What happens if I have to miss a day of class?

A // We understand that you have a busy life and may have obligations to work, family, or loved ones on dates that this training is scheduled. We consider it part of our job to find a way to get you through the training if you so desire, and over the many years of running this course, have developed good systems for assigning make up work for any days you miss. The maximum number of days that can be made up depends on which program you enroll in, so when you are signing up, just let us know if you anticipate a problem and we will address your situation.

Q // Can I ask to work at the studio in exchange for taking the program for free or at a discount?

A //
Due to the amount of time we would have to spend training you to work in the office, plus past experience in this not working out, we find it is best to not offer work exchange for this particular course. We do offer partial scholarships each semester to 2 trainees and you can ask if those spots are taken yet. We have also had students find money for training by applying for grants on their own before and recommend you explore that avenue!

Q // Do I get free classes at DY while I am in training?

A // Yes, and you will actually be required to take a certain number of classes during your training and will be given a free pass to do so for the length of your training, yes! As soon as you tender your full payment, you will begin receiving free unlimited classes at all Dhyana Yoga studios.

Q // Is this program Yoga Alliance approved?

A // Yes! The Dhyana Yoga Teacher Training Program exceeds the minimum Yoga Alliance curriculum requirements and upon graduation you will receive a Yoga Alliance recognized certificate.

Apply today by clicking HERE! Please do not pay before completing the application process.


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