Dhyana Yoga Haddonfield 200 Hour Teacher Training Program

Fearless Practice : An Innovative 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training focused on refining the postures and transitions of Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Spring 2015 Graduates!

Spring 2015 Graduates!

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2016 Teacher Training Dates at Dhyana Yoga Haddonfield
Sept 24 & 25 // Oct 7, 8 & 9 // Oct 22 & 23 // Nov 4, 5, & 6 // Nov 19 & 20 // Dec 2, 3 & 4 // Dec 17 // Jan 7 // Jan 13, 14 & 15 // Jan 28 & 29 // Feb 11 & 12 // Feb 25 & 26 // Mar 3, 4 & 5 // Meetings are Fridays 5-8pm (where Fridays are noted), Saturdays 10am-5pm & Sundays 12n-5pm

Now is the time for your Yoga journey to venture into an exploration of endurance, power, and extraordinary focus on the more advanced asanas (postures) and creative vinyasas (transitions) that create a Fearless experience on the mat, and this is the program that will take you there! Join Dhyana Yoga’s highly experienced Lead Teachers along with exemplary guest teachers and immerse yourself in the joy of pure practice in this Yoga Alliance approved 200 Hour Training that will not only result in your certification to teach Yoga, but will also provide just the space, time, and insights you need to finally achieve the poses that have previously eluded you! You don’t need to have an “advanced” practice to enter the program, just a willingness to show up on your mat and an enthusiastic outlook on the possibilities presented each time you practice. You will learn the secrets of the anatomy and mechanics of the postures that unlock the doors to feeling truly liberated when you do Yoga, and be supported and assisted, physically and otherwise, by your teachers when needed. You will break through plateaus by breaking down the alignment and positioning of poses like inversions, hand balances, forearm balances, deep twists and backbends, and poses that combine several of these skills together. Ample time will also be spent on refining the transitions in and out of more interesting poses and discovering incredibly creative ways to do so. All in all, your practice will be enlivened, your teaching will be unique and inspired, and you will gain confidence, leadership skills, motivation, and an overall freedom of fearlessness no matter what challenge may be in front of you!

Investment for 2016 Fearless Practice Training ::
$1850 early bird


$1950 regular

$100 fee if you require a payment plan

Deposit: $1000.00, due by program start date.

Please contact us at dhyanattinfo@gmail.com for more info on payment plans and early bird pricing.
NOTE: Training must be paid in full before receiving certificate

Diana Vitarelli began practicing in 1989 and has completed teacher trainings in the following :: Ashtanga Yoga w/ Tim Miller (Ashtanga Yoga Center, San Diego, CA), Kundalini Yoga w/ Yogi Bhajan (Yoga West, Los Angeles, CA), Primordial Sound Meditation (Chopra Center, San Diego, CA) and Ayurveda Level 1 & 2 (Chopra Center, San Diego).

John Vitarelli began practicing in 1994 and teaching in 2002, then did his formal certification at Dhyana Yoga in 2006. He has also completed the Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with Tim Miller and is known for his insightful (and funny) discussions, amazing adjustments, and dedication to all things Yoga.

Lauren Daddis is a full time Mom and Yoga Teacher, certified through Dhyana Yoga who teaches at and manages our Haddonfield studio!

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