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“We work hard at Dhyana Yoga, but we laugh a lot along the way, too!” ~Diana Vitarelli

A little stress here and there is inevitable, and actually can even be stimulating… as long as we know how to let it go at some point. If you are under chronic stress, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, or otherwise, finding a stress management system is essential to your continued health and well-being. Practicing Yoga in a studio with experienced teachers and a supportive community is the antidote to negative stress. It has been proven to reduce the production of cortisol and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory (source: Time Magazine), increases flexibility and builds strength, and the breathing techniques allow the mind to find peace in a world of chaos. Flow styles of Yoga, such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga (taught primarily at Dhyana Yoga) help practitioners slip into the mental Flow State as well, which decreases anxiety and depression, smoothes out emotional fluctuations, helps with memory and information processing, and generally allows people to better cope with adversity (source: Mayo Clinic Study). Yoga has been shown to correct imbalances in the immune system, reduce physical pain, particularly back pain, contribute to heart health and reduce blood pressure and hypertension, and may even help with glucose tolerance and cholesterol issues (source: University of Virginia). While all these things are happening, the bending and twisting in Yoga practice helps to stimulate the cells that make bone, and because weights are not used in Yoga to do this, studies show it doesn’t damage cartilage or lead to osteoarthritis in the process, which commonly happens in exercises that involve holding weights. Yoga’s reach extends to all the wonderful outlining edges of the body and mind, but in the end, the benefits all stem from the overall calming influence and from being around other people who are also doing their best to be just a little bit better versions of themselves with every practice, every day, every breath. We have been offering this work from our hearts at Dhyana Yoga since 2002, and are dedicated in every way to continuing to do so. Please come on in for a class, or if you would like to speak with Diana or John, our owners, in advance, please email us at


Ask us about our Energy Exchange (EEX) program :: We are always looking for friendly, professional, reliable, energetic people to work at the studio in exchange for free classes. The responsibilities range from signing in classes, and answering phones to cleaning, handing out flyers, or promoting the studio. Apply now by emailing us at and please include your general availability. Shifts are weekly, around 3 hours each, and you must be able to commit to at least 6 months to begin.

We also offer:
-10% discount to students under 25 & seniors over 65 on class cards, passes, & drop-ins
-25% discount to veterans on class cards, passes, & drop-ins
-Mat Rentals for $2
-Mats for sale at every location (it’s best to have your own mat and only rent in a pinch)


PLEASE NOTE: The Ashtanga Mysore morning program hosted by Dhyana Yoga requires a separately purchased pass. Please review the Mysore page on our website for full details and contact us with any questions!



There’s something special going on here! Our inspiring flow style links poses and breath in creative sequences (with roots in Ashtanga) often to a moving soundtrack of music. Dhyana Vinyasa classes are taught exclusively by teachers that have graduated from DY’s Teacher Training program, that’s all it means, we are not reinventing Yoga. Variations and modifications will be given based on your experience and needs so this practice is truly tailored for all levels. All are welcome – during the first few classes there is a lot to learn, but the more you come the more fun it gets! Inversion preparation is established but not required. We offer Community Classes at a discounted price in hopes that everyone will practice more often without worrying about the cost. Expect to work up a healthy sweat as we aim to keep the rooms around 78 degrees, and feel free to bring some water and a towel. If you like these classes, you will also enjoy Dynamic Flow and Led Primary Series classes.


These classes are taught by teachers who have been certified from programs other than DY’s teacher training OR by DY teacher training graduates who are using something other than the Ashtanga Primary Series as a sequencing template.


A challenging class consisting of the Ashtanga Primary Series, which is perfectly balanced. This is the template all Dhyana Vinyasa classes use as a guideline for sequencing, so Vinyasa students will feel right at home, yet taken to another level. Poses can be modified to suit the needs of each person, but expect opportunities for binding, lifting, floating and a series of delicious back bends, and also to hear the beauty of the ancient Sanskrit language. There is an emphasis on breath in this class. Bring water and a towel, you will sweat.d


After some experience in your practice, perhaps in our All Levels Dhyana Vinyasa classes, you may crave an even more vigorous flow of creative sequences, plus the addition of second series and third series postures, linked by unique transitions, filled with opportunities for full inversions, and other options for advancement in these classes. Some Yoga experience will be helpful, but a playful spirit is all that is required. We ask that you refrain from kicking up into inverted postures and build toward lifting instead, for your own safety and that of others. Mid Level classes are listed on the regular schedule, Advanced classes are specially scheduled and will be shown on the workshops page instead.


Yin is a passive approach to yoga which focuses on the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, and fascia) of the body. By placing a light amount of sustained stress on these tissues, we can strengthen and mobilize our joints. Yin Yoga allows emphasis on breathing, mindfulness, and opening deeper potential of stability and flexibility of the body. Yin postures also stimulate the body’s organs and energy channels, promoting energetic and emotional balance.


Classic Yoga poses and strong focus on breathing, sound and meditation form a profound mind, body, spirit connection in this Yoga practice. Kundalini yoga is a great metaphysical complement to the more physical styles of Yoga, as poses are held longer, with eyes closed, creating a powerful inward focus. These classes are still physically challenging, but in a different, omnidirectional way. Kundalini practice speaks to practitioners looking for mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. It’s been called Yoga Therapy…Try it!


New Student Pass, $20 Please purchase in person on your first visit to any Dhyana Yoga. Our other packages start at $150 for 10 classes or for One Month Unlimited, or you can pay as you practice at our drop in rates starting at $10 per class. No refunds issued, however you can transfer your credits to another event or another person. Please contact us with questions, or create an account and set yourself up with a pre-paid pack of classes here: (download the studio bookings app onto your device for the most ease). Join our email list to make sure you know about all the great specials, sales, and deals we offer throughout the year exclusively to our practicing members!



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