Parenting when your kid is sick

My 5 year old daughter was sick for the past 13 days and we were both up most of those nights, her thrashing with fevers and me tending to her, with medicines, essential oils, cold towels, changes of jammies, lullabies, hugs & kisses, tissues, pedialyte, whatever she needed… and then somehow getting up and managing the day ahead.
Can I just say, be extra nice to anyone who is parenting?! It’s so hard to keep going on no sleep plus you’re stressed out watching your kid suffer and still have to keep going to work.
Everything starts to suffer. Laundry piles up, floors are unswept, the car needs an oil change, clutter is stacked on every surface, the sink gets clogged… you fall behind. I even dropped my meditation practice the last few days and let me tell you, that’s no good. Without it I’m all frayed edges. That’s really when I started making bigger mistakes and forgetting things. Lost my glasses. Left for work for the day with out my bag, or wallet, or lunch. Not sure if I brushed my teeth. Frayed.

Meditation is not an option for me, I need it.

Even when my Bob Pug was sick I used to feel like this but he was a tough little dog to the end, he usually got better fast, but I know from experience parenting furkids can be intense too.

So ok just be extra nice to everyone, you don’t know what they might be keeping them up at night. The darkest hours can be long and lonely, for so many reasons. Depression. Pain. Loss. Anxiety. Addiction.

Today my girl is healthy and happy again, and slept through the night, which means I did too 😊 AND I found my glasses this morning so things are looking much clearer and brighter again, especially since I’m back on track with my much needed meditation practice.

Thanks to my friends supporting me at Dhyana Yoga. I love you.


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